Oh free nappies!

Ive just been offered Little Lamb size one nappies for free from a girl I went to school with! Such a nice offer!


  • That's lovely of her, LL nappies are good, bomb-proof too. Did you get wraps with them?

  • I haven't seen them yet. She's giving me everything she had, she only used them for a few months. Guessing there will be wraps. She going to look them out for me, I've said there's no rush because baby isn't due until February.

  • The wraps I'll give you will be fine with them too

    I've got a Tots Bots bucket for sale if you're interested.  £7. Was going to stick it on gumtree

  • Does it have a lid Ally? If it does then yes please x

  • Yes it's a locking lid.  It's on the Tots Bots website if you want to have a look

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