Opinions required please

Hi.  Would people think or have people heard if it is bad to go and see a psychic or medium when pregnant?


  • I think it's a waste of time and money to go and see a psychic or medium at any point, so I may not be the best to answer.

    Are you worried about then telling you something awful? If so, I hope they'd have the decency to keep any thoughts like that from you.

  • I've never been to see one as am too scared of what they might tell me! But I was under the impression they were not allowed to tell you anything bad like you are about to die or something!

  • I agree with BG. I think they're all just a con I'm afraid.

    I don't see how being pregnant would make any difference. I guess one could 'predict' something about the baby, but if they were even half-decent people* they wouldn't comment on that at all.

    * although if they were decent, they wouldn't be taking people's money for a load of made-up nonsense IMO.

  • is it something that is usually part of your life dizzy?

    personally I think its a load of tosh so wouldn't see one at any point but if it is something that is important to you in your life I can see that you may want to see one.

  • MIL sees a psychic and was told I was having a boy, by C-section, on a date with a 9 in it. None of which was true! And I spent a bit of time worrying about this impending C-section, even though I didn't believe it! So I'd say it's perhaps best avoided?

  • If you want to part with your money for a load of tosh, go right ahead. There is no proven scientific basis for it.

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