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Paracetamol during pregnancy

Does anyone know if I can still take the maximum dose of 2x500mg every 4-6 hours (not exceeding more than 8 tablets in any 24 hour period)?

I'm about 5 weeks and really struggling to function with these awful headaches I've been getting. They're not pregnancy related as I saw the GP back in December about them and I've suffered with them in past too. I'm currently waiting for an acupuncture appointment but that's 2 weeks away.


  • Yes you can. Paracetamol is safe is pregnancy even at the max dosage

  • The doctor told me it was fine. I had horrific toothache earlier this year and had to take the maximum amount solidly for 2 weeks.

  • Yes paracetamol is fine (as long as it's usually fine for you obvs!). I was ill a few weeks ago and had to take the maximum dose.
  • I've been taking it the last few days solidly as been in's fine. Hope they ease soon x

  • I have been trying to limit to 4 x 500mg per day only but once I took the maximum 2 tablets together and it made such a difference.

    I did check it with my doctor first though, just to be sure.

  • Sasasi if you under dose (which is what 500mg is in an adult) as the drug is absorbed, there isn't enough of it to have a therapeutic effect meaning that the drug is free in the body so it's pointless taking it as its not helping the pain and is of no use in the body. The dose for an adult is 1gram (2 tablets) 4 times in 24 hours.

  • Thanks all. I took some when I woke up this morning and it really has eased off thank god. Usually paracetamol has no effect on my headaches - GP prescribed Naproxen last time but I'm pretty sure I can't take that whilst pregnant. I don't want to be taking it too long term so I'm hoping the acupuncture will make a difference.

    ETA CP, I didn't realise that about under dosing. Would explain why when I've tried just one tablet it doesn't do anything!
  • Cherry Pie I am going by instructions from my GP - he told me preferably one tablet  when necessary but no more than 4 times a day and if headaches were really bad then to take the max 2 tablets.

  • O absolutely go on what your gp says, I was just explaining why taking too low a dose of a medication has no therapeutic value.

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