Piles, post birth. TMI obviously.

When do piles improve after birth? They seem to be worse now (baby is 4days old) than when I was pregnant!

Am eating loads of fibre which is helping!


  • Eessh I had these after birth and they were definitely more painful than my tear / stitches! They got better quickly though, I promise, I just used the beautifully named anusol, and drank the mushy stuff that keeps you regular and softens things - can't think of the name? I will find it if you don't already have it. I don't remember them after 2 weeks and wasn't bothered by them after the first week. Good luck!

  • Ooo thanks Lamby - you've reassured me

    I drank that fibrogel stuff after birth#1 because i had a 3rd degree tear and it was vile!

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