Pinprick rash on face

I suppose everyone is in bed, but just in case you're not I'm after some reassurance.

I'm 32 weeks and have been feeling rough for days, tired and I've started vomiting quite a bit today. I put it down to the infection I had, aneamia and a return of the hyperemisis I had at the start of the pregnancy. Anyway about 30 mins ago I looked in the mirror and I have what I'd describe as a pinprick rash on my face which has started in last hour or so. I'm waiting for the doc's to call back but I'm worrying a bit because it reminds me of the german measles I had as a kid. I tested positive for the antibodies at the start of the pregnancy so it can't be that can it?


  • Panic over!!! The doc reckons it's burst blood vessels from spewing and a bug. Seems strange that they appeared 5 hours after I was last sick, and I never had them once when I used to throw up 10/15 times a day a few months ago but I'm reassured 'noods' is ok and it's not german measles so it's time to go bed x

  • That does sound strange, especially if you've not had it before. But anyway, hope you're feeling a bit better now :)

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