Just wondering how you got on at the docs today? x


  • Ah thanks for thinking of me :) we have dropped the domperidone (useless stuff wasn't doing anything anyway!) and are now about to restart gaviscon combined with ranitidine still. S has been awful the last few days really crying a lot but I do think the 12 GS has a lot to answer for as well ;) the gp wants to see us next Wednesday regardless to see about next steps. S has suddenly got really dry skin, starting to go very red and patchy and has got even more mucusy at night so he is considering cmpi...

    On the plus side, he's now sleeping straight through from about 9 til 7 with no wakings (lots of grunting and squirming...) so I am thankful for small miracles! I think it's more because he literally does not sleep at all during the day but I take what I can!

    How is A? Is the nutrimigen helping? I'm really hoping 2014 is a less refluxy year for us both xxx

  • Glad you have a plan with the docs and yay for sleeping through.

    I'm with you on the hope for a less refluxy 2014 x
  • Hello ladies, I've been wondering how you've all been getting on over Christmas. I hope that Wednesday brings you even more of an action plan, Popcorn.

    A has been on ranitidine for the last few weeks and it seems to be helping, it took a wee while to kick in so we had a rough week or so - including 4 days when H was working away so that was an interesting time! He also has Infacol as his trapped wind was causing as many issues as the reflux, poor baby was having problems at both ends! Anyway he is currently like a different baby, so alert and chirpy. He was late with smiling (I wouldn't smile if I had reflux either) but now can't stop laughing at random things like light fittings. However the health visitor has hacked me off by insisting on turning up for extra visits starting next week as she has decided I'm not coping and am blaming myself for his reflux. And then told me that if I was less anxious then he would calm down. Hmm. So if I can get her out of our hair and keep A as he is now then I will be a happy mama!

    We are starting baby massage soon to help A when he is struggling, have any of you tried it/ considered it?

  • Hey TT, I was wondering how you got on when your H was away, sorry it was rough. Glad the ranitidine combined with infacol is working though, long may it continue :)

    We've done baby massage and S absolutely loved it! It's very good for windy unsettled babies. We added it as part of his nighttime routine as we were given a specific set of strokes for wind, constipation etc. Its brilliant, I'm sure A will love it x

  • That's brilliant, his wind seems to be the biggest problem at the moment as he just can't get it out. Considering asking for a move from Infacol to Colief too.

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