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Hi everyone!  Random as I am not pregnant but can you recommend me a pregnancy pillow?  I'm suffering with a bad back reoccurently  and I've been recommended to use the same sort of pillow that you use while pregnant but I don't know precisely what this is or where to find it.  I gather it's something to do with having pillow between knees?

Tia x


  • Have you tried a normal pillow between your legs? I used that for ages and it worked fine, the pregnancy pillows are enormous and expensive and a big old faff to be honest, especially if you move a lot in your sleep.

    There's a brand called dreamgenii, or there's lots of own brand options. I have a mothercare one (that spends most of it's time on the floor!!).

  • I used a V shaped pillow. Still do actually, as I got so used to sleeping with it.

    I "hugged" one end, stretched it out  and the other end between my knees.

    Under a tenner from Argos.

  • I did exactly what AK did and I also still sleep with it now.

    I had a really fancy one from jojo maman that curled round me but it was rock solid and took up half the bed so I ditched it.

  • Oh ok good ideas there thank you! I don't want to spend a fortune but I do want whatever I get to be useful when I'm finally pregnant as well - will investigate the V shape thing. We don't really have any spare pillows at the moment or I would try that OB

  • I had a V shaped pillow too - got it from Dunelm Mill, and also good for BFing afterwards.  Still use it now to sit up in bed Smile  Going to get another at some point in this pregnancy so I've got two of them.

  • Hiya I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good pregnancy pillow I am 13 weeks pregnant and I am finding when I lie on my side I am wanting extra support to try to get comfy. Any tips or advice greatly received.

    thanks in advance 

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