Projectile regurgitation of milk

This seems to be E's latest trick!
she did it yesterday and and has done it a couple of times today straight after a feed. This afternoon it went half the length of the sofa!!
is there something i can do to prevent this or is it just one of those things.
not sure if she is eating too much or too fast.
she has expressed milk from a bottle.


  • I don't mean to worry you but I'm not sure actual projectile vomiting is normal - vomiting in itself is normal but if she continues to actually vomit half the length of your sofa you should probably get her checked out by a doctor.

    The Kellymom page has some information that might be useful if it's related to reflux. It might also be dairy, you could try cutting dairy out from your diet and seeing if that helps.

  • Thanks Saisi, wasn't sure if it was something simple or if I needed to get her checked out.

    I'll see how she is with her feeds through the night.
  • Mrs Bass I hope she's just feeding too quickly but if it keeps up then definately speak to your HV/GP. This was how things started with O and were now treating reflux although I suspect it might be an intolerance x

  • It's how N's reflux started too but he was miserable with it and spent every evening screaming. I would get her checked out just incase.

  • I would second getting her checked by a doc as the mum of a baby with reflux and a cmpi. A few things you could try in the mean time are keeping her upright after a feed for about 20 mins, when you wind rub don't pat, one thing I noticed was if the bottle was quite warm A would be more sick so now we cool it right down to room temp. Also maybe check the teat size and type of bottle your using. Really hope it is nothing more than her just guzzling x

  • My daughter did this a few times & went a long way on 1 occasion, wasn't anything to worry about for us but if it happens regularly then I would go to your gp

  • Thanks ladies, i will see if it happens again over the weekend, if so I'll call the doctors.
  • I would say it depends how often it happens and how LO seems in herself.

    Disco projectiled vommited on rare occasions because he had eaten to much or too quickly. After these episodes he was fine stright away (and fine before vommiting.)

    He also had a nasty vommiting bug but with that he projectiled after every feed also water and was not himself before or after feeds.

    See how she goes over the weekend and trust your mummy instincts if you want her checked get her checked in my experience Drs never mind checking a tiny baby if mum is worried

  • Hi Mrs B, how's your little one and the feeding/vomiting been today? x

  • No projectile today!

    she has dozed during a couple if bottles so we have left it 30 mins before giving her the rest. Think it may have just been too much, too fast.

    like you said Drifter, she seemed fine before and after the vomiting! Still keeping an eye out for it though (like i could miss it!) just incase!

    thanks for asking MamaD.
  • That's good to hear! Hope she continues not being sick!

  • Glad the vomit scenario has been better today! Please still go and get her checked out as when we were backwards and forwards from GP and hospital and out of hours clinic etc they kept asking us about how forcefully his sick came out as projectile vomiting can be a sign of more serious conditions. Of course it isn't always and can be for a number of reasons but we were asked about it so many times that I would definitely take him back to the GP if he started vomiting long distances.

  • I would just keep an eye, but it isn't always serious...O did it on occasion but it was always when he had the snuffles...doc told us it was just mucus in his throat x

  • S did so if we gave her formula. Turned out she was milk intolerant. She was fine with expressed breast milk though. X

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