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Questions about Cribs

If you had/have one -

which one did you have??

 Is it worth getting one that rocks or is this just a waste of time?



  • We have a john Lewis gliding crib. We found the gliding useful, sometimes when S is put down he fidgets a bit so we find a little rock will settle him again.
  • We have the Katie Saplings in Dark Oak and absolutely love it.  Zoe used it until 5 mths but Orla is still in it at 7.5mths and is likely to be in it for another few months.  We can't fit a cot in our bedroom and the crib wasn't much more expensive than a moses basket but lasts a lot longer.

  • We have the Breeze rocking one from m&p, this one:

    The rocking was useful for the first 4 weeks or so but we had to tilt it because of S's reflux so if it was tilted he ended up squished to one side! I think it's good for really little ones to help them settle. S is still in it now at 5 months but probably only for another 2 weeks.

  • I have the mothercare rocking one. Never rocked it. Didn't want to start and then wean her off it. It locks in a none rocking position though.

    Love having a crib. Much easier next to our bed
  • We have a babybay bedside cot, I wanted easy access for breastfeeding and I need to be able to see the baby without getting up.
  • So glad you asked this as I've been wondering too. Isaac went straight into a travel cot (with additional mattress) but it was bulky and ugly! I've been looking at the saplings Bethany swinging crib but not sure if it'd last... JB how big we're your girls born? Does anyone know what the biggest crib available is?

  • I have one similar to the Saplings Katie, had a swinging crib for #2 but it creaked dreadfully and annoyed me. Jacob stayed in it until well after 6 months though and he was huge, 91st centile.

  • The girls were 7lb 1oz and 7lb 7oz when born.  Zoe spent 2 weeks sleeping in a big cot on holiday and when we got back wouldn't settle in the crib hence moving her out at 5mths, she would have fitted for longer if she hadn't been so opinionated.  

    If we were doing it again though I would probably get something like the babybay.

  • We bought the snuz pod co sleeper crib and I'm so looking forward to using it! More expensive than a regular crib but the resale looks good. Baby can be seen while I'm lying down and scooped over for feeding/cuddling rather than sitting up and leaning over to pick baby up.

  • Some friends are lending us this one

    We'll obviously have to buy a new mattress for it.

  • We were given a swinging one which was great for having her in our room until just before 7 months. It was great when she woke in the night as she had a slumber bear attached to the cot so if she woke in the night I just used to stick my leg out of bed & gently nudge the crib to start the womb noise. Very handy!

  • We got a glider and I couldn't recommend it enough If there is another baby I want this, a gliding cot bed, since the gliding feature really helped settle F wouldn't being lifted from the crib.

  • Imp, that's what we have! Got the mattress cheaper from kiddicare...fits fine! It was lovely having him right there although he's a clingy boy and we mainly coslept.

  • Thanks for the tip smarties, I'll have a look at kiddicare for the mattress.

  • we have a rocking one, that can lock and be fixed aswell.

    im thinking of putting it down along side my bed so that if she stirs in the night i can rock it with my foot :-)

  • thank you everyone for your responses.  This is really useful xxx

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