Recommend your buggy

I think I need to get a lightweight buggy for P. We have the Loola Up at the moment but its very heavy and a faff to keep getting in and out of the car. Requirements are:

Reclining seat
Swivel front wheels
Hood (and raincover preferred)

Thats about it really! Budget up to about £60.

Recommend yours to me (or any you don't like!).

Thank you x


  • I've had a maclaren triumph. I liked that it is an umbrella fold and light weight , but heard great things about baby jogger mini city. I suppose you could look for a preloved one at your budget.

  • Petite Star Zia from Nursery value - they have reworked ones that are practically like new (I've had two of them) - looks like they've got a pink one for £60 at the moment, although if you keep an eye on their website and FB page, the stock changes all the time.

  • I love my baby jogger city mini, might get a preloved in your budget?

  • Thanks everyone x

  • We got a petite star zia with #1 to take on holiday when she was 8 months old as it fully reclin es.  We got the plus which also has adjustable handles for tall people.  We got a preloved one for £40.  

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