Sex after having a baby, how soon?

Sorry for the very personal post! (and possibly tmi!)

Been looking at advice online but it's conflicting., some places seem to suggest waiting until the 6-8 week check and some say to go for it once ready. Midwife gave no advice on timescale, just a contraception leaflet and I forgot to ask. I only had two stitches and feel fine, lochia has stopped now I think. We did go for it the other day but I got worried so stopped.

How long did it take you? B is just over a month old.


  • I had a minor tear only, felt fine, I think we started (cautiously!) after about a month  :)

  • Oo well that is good to know!  Thanks Counter x

  • I think it was about 5/6 weeks after O and L. If you feel up to it, go for it!

  • I def waited to after six week check but that was because I was nervous about it, but you don't need to wait that long. I know a girl who was pregnant with twins by her six week check!

  • After my emCS - 3 weeks.

    After my VBAC, slight graze - 2 weeks. I felt fine after 2 days, but didn't tell my H that.

  • About 4 weeks, after lochia had stopped.

  • Blimey you arenall braver than me. I had no stitches or tears and it still took sbout 9/10 weeks.

  • I'm glad to read these, thought I would get flamed for not waiting!

    With B I never wanted sex again after he was born, so this is very new to  me lol

  • I thought I would be wanting to wait ages but the weird thing was that I found S's birth a bit traumatic and my H was amazing so I kind of wanted some closeness with him. Definitely more emotional than physical *blush*

  • I had a 2nd degree tear and therefore had stitches. I couldn't face DTD until at least 3/4 months. Physically, I think I was probably fine before that but in my head I was worried about undoing the work of the stitches, etc. I really had to psych myself up for it lol.

  • After 6 weeks, I felt fine to have done it before then but in my head I had to wait for that magic 6 week check hahah

  • WG, I was like you, had had stitches and was worried I'd tear open again (how to boost my Hs ego haha), I got a bit tipsy before I let him near!

  • 3 months I think. Emcs with a very slow recovery plus feeling shattered.

  • No tear or stitches here, 4 weeks
  • We are just over 8 weeks in and have our '6 week' check tomorrow, have had in my head that I'd wait until after but I don't feel ready! I'm really worried about it hurting on the scar :-( and sex hasn't really been on my mind xx

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