should we have an ask anything day?

as above? to try to get the board moving?  could we post all our little random questions that we may think is silly or not worth asking?

i think it might get the board moving and hopefully entice any lurkers out of hiding

be prepared for some random questions from me Laugh


  • Yeah lets do it!

  • I think I already asked my silly question haha! Sounds fun though :)

  • Defo CP. Good idea!

    I've probably got hundreds of questions so I'll have a think now!

  • Good idea. we need something to get it moving on here.

    I've just asked my silly question about sterilising even though I don't think there is a definite answer to it!

  • Ok here are some of mine! Apologies in advance for the TMI on one!

    1 - My H mentioned something to me the other week about not going out anywhere for the first few days (or a week) when the baby is born. Not that I'm planning on any huge jaunts at the beginning of Jan having just given birth but is this right? Should you not take the baby anywhere for the first few days?

    2 - I'm 22weeks tomorrow and for the past few months have had SERIOUS amounts of CM - does this get better/worse/the same as things go on? Also, I assume this is 'normal'?

    3 - Can I ask what everyone does in terms of sleeping arrangements when your H is working and your baby is little and waking regularly during the night? Do you get up with the baby and leave the room to feed/change and then come back to bed? I just keep thinking I will obviously wake my H and he's unlikely to get back to sleep that quickly and then he's up for a full day at work? Is it just a case of tough and he will get used to it!? (just to confirm, I know he won't say anything about it, it's just me thinking ahead and thinking of him)

    I'll have more but don't want to bombard everyone!

  • I'm up for this, will try to think of some questions and answer other people's.

    Missdeedee, to answer yours:

    1 - No rules at all, it's up to you. Just do as much or as little as you feel up to. I think a lot of people spend a few days quietly at home most of the time, it's worth it to recover from birth and establish breastfeeding.

    2 - sadly worse in my experience and yes, normal.

    3 - I just change and feed in bed and H sleeps through it.

  • missdeedee:

    1. I think I'll want to hang out at home for a couple of days - but do get "cabin fever" so will also try and test out wee-weeme's wheels soonish I guess.

    2. Mine is still patchy - some days loads some days no so much - just loooove the unpredictableness

    3. I think I'll approach a similar line to Margot - I think he'll want to feel part of the action :o)

    So... mine...

    how many babygrows etc will I need? Muslins?

    will the MW's be weird with me wanting her in real nappies in the hospital? or should i just suck it up and use some disposables till home?

  • Missdeedee - 1)I was out the day after I had J. less than 24 hours after giving birth, it was school run time. I also went into town, as I had errands to run. Life couldn't stop, just because i'd had a baby.

    2) I assume it is normal, I never had any, until near the end.

    3) Men are great at sleeping when there is a crying baby. I'd feed and change J in the bedroom. If h woke up, tough sh!t. He had a full day at work, I had a day of looking after a newborn, and a 7 yr old.

  • Weeme, I'd go for 7-10 babygrows and the same for vests and muslins - you can always get more if needed. No idea on cloth nappies in hospital though I'm afraid - can you ask your MW?

  • Thank you all! I have no idea where my H heard the thing about being at home. I was starting to think it was like a puppy and they weren't allowed out for a set time! I was hoping the CM was a 'phase' and would go away, ah well! I know my H will probably get up and want to help and I can just imagine him then having to go to work like a zombie! I guess his work will understand at least!

    Weeme - I'm sure other people will have a better answer but I'm trying not to go mad with babygrows as I know that people have bought us some babygrows/outfits as presents (or are planning too) so don't want to end up with masses of clothes that never get used. I asked this before and I think the general consensus was somewhere around 7-9. I've got LOADS of muslins as everyone seems to give me the advice that I will use them lots!

  • 1) probably not a bad idea so you can rest up. I was in hospital for 3 days anyway! I would limit visitors at start as it can get a bit much especially if you're trying to establish bf.

    2) mine was very heavy! Didn't get any better until I delivered!

    3) I used to feed in bed lying down and change nappy in bedroom, h mostly slept through it. If s was really crying I'd take him out the bedroom to settle.

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