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Taking your pram abroad

We're going to Crete in June and taking our iCandy Peach with us.  As A will only be 16 weeks old we'll be taking the carrycot, rather than the pushchair.  iCandy have advised that we need the Peach Stroller bag for the chassis, and then the separate bag for the carrycot.  My H has looked online and found that a lot of people just flatten the carrycot and pack it in a suitcase.

How does that work?  I thought we would be taking the pram to the plane, then packing it at the steps, so we don't have to check it in?  If we put the carrycot in a suitcase I'm assuming we'll have to check the whole pram in?

What have other people done?


  • Annie will be the same age when we first fly and I'm just going to put her in the pushchair as I can't be arsed with the faff of taking the carry cot on and off when we will have our hands already full with everything else. Can you do that if the pushchair lies flat or almost flat? Or do you particularly want the carry cot? I will miss mine but it probably won't make much difference to her and babies by that age like to look out and about anyway.

  • I can't help with taking it abroad but I know that by 4 months we'd put Isla in the pushchair seat rather than the carry cot. She started to scream every time I put her in it. Much happier when she could see out. The second recline position is quite flat. More so than a car seat and they can be in Those for up to 2 hours x

  • I would check the pram in, then carry A in a sling onto the plane. That's what we'll do with our A when we fly to Malaysia, although he'll be older.

  • I would probably buy an inexpensive buggy that's suitable from birth and check that in.

  • We took our concord neo with the proton (non folding) carrycot to Orlando a couple of times.  Didn't do anything special, just folded it down at the gate and put it in the big clear plastic bag that the airline provided.  

  • Thanks for all the replies.  We're taking the carrycot so he can sleep in it overnight, as we are going to a wedding while we are in Crete.  We're also taking the Connecta with us for boarding the plane, so I think we'll do what Jelly Baby said and just fold the pram down at the gate.

    McSquirtle - we considered buying a buggy, but it seems a bit of a waste when we'll be using the iCandy pushchair after the holiday.

    We've managed to get the travel bag second hand on Gumtree so that's a bonus.

  • Obviously it depends on his size, but you may not be able to squeeze a 16 week old into the iCandy carrycot at 16 weeks, especially for overnight sleeps.

    If you can and you have room in your luggage you could always have the carrycot in your case and take the iCandy and seat unit up to the gate. That way you have the choice of carry cot or seat when there.

  • We took A to Texas when she was 6 weeks old. I bought a suitable from birth pushchair for the journey. We had it right until boarding the plane then it was sitting at the gate for us when we landed. KLM actually gave us priority boarding because we had a new baby. It was great.

    If doing it again I'd probably do the same.  We used the pushchair after the holiday as well do not wasted money.

  • We left the icandy at home and bought a cheap suitable buggy as I did not trust the airline with such an expensive bit of kit even in the bag.

    We then took a travel cot for her to sleep in as she would have been too big to sleep well in the carrycot.

  • Oops, thought I'd replied to this earlier, but my post isn't here!

    Bridget Gump -We hadn't thought about him being too big for it!! We are taking extra luggage anyway as we are having to take kilts, so we might look at packing the carrycot.

    Minnie Mouse - I looked at the Koo-di before, I might look again.

    We don't really need a travel cot as one is provided at the villa.  We need the pram for A to sleep in when we are at the wedding.  H's cousin is from Crete so it's a traditional wedding - starts at 7pm and goes on all night!

  • Lots of travel questions today!  We just got back and I absolutely refused to take the I candy and bought a cheap second hand lay flat pram thing for the holiday. I'm a bit protective of my pram and wouldn't want it being thrown around and scratched or worse,  lost! You could also hire nice prams out where we were which I'd consider next time.

    E was 15 weeks when we flew and slept in the travel cot provided by the hotel though we could have taken our own for no extra cost.

    That said we'd also easily have coped putting the carrycot in the case and slinging E.

    There is also a further option. We flew with Thomas Cook and can take 2/3 of either pram,  travel cot or car seat with us for free.  You could take the carrycot in hold luggage,  put car seat on for use in airport then carrycot when you get there.  The only reason I didn't was being worried about the car seat being bashed around /damaged without me knowing.

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