Things I can do whilst simultaneously doing the mummy dance

1. Cook

2. Eat/ Drink

3. Read

4. Mumdrum

5. Apply/Remove makeup

6. File the nails on my left hand

7. Chain (crochet - actual crochet is a bit more impossible though)

8. Write a list / plan

9. Anything that involves surfing the internet

10. Put clothes away / tidy

11. Hoover (discovered this one earlier today)

12. Make a bed

13. Brush my teeth

14. List items on eBay

15. Talk to friends (on Whatsapp mainly)

16. Candy Crush

17. Pinterest / Facebook etc

18. Food shop (both online and occasionally in store depending on when baby develops need for cuddles)

19. Fruit picking

20. Sand castle building


Please add yours!


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