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Trip booked before pregnant - WWYD?

My H is cycling mad, I booked for us to be in Leeds for the start of the Tour de France next summer - on our first wedding anniversary, so all very lovely. We should, by then, fingers crossed, have a 3 month old.

I *really* don't want to spoil the event for him, it means so much to him. We were going to cycle a fair bit, and party in the evenings. If we take the decision for me to stay home we need his best mate to get time booked off asap (it's complex shift rotas with heavy restrictions, so we need to act fast-ish).

Would you

a) go, with baby, join in as much as possible on foot and let him go off and do his cycling thing alone? He would do this but I know wouldn't enter in to the full spirit of it and it's not the same doing the cycling alone. I think I would feel like I was spoiling it for him...

b) stay at home and spend our first WA apart, which neither want really but I am okay with?

c) Something else?

Some other background. It's a 5 hour drive each way, the hotel (q. expensive) is booked. It's in his hometown and we would probably try to see an old friend and I would love to meet his grandma who he adores but doesn't get to see, she has very bad alzheimers and tends not to know who anyone is.


  • I would go. It won't be the same, no but surely better than spending your WA apart, plus would be a lovel opportunity to spend some time, with baby, with his family. Better to still do things with adaptions than not at all. We have a 3mo and are off on holiday tomorrow. Think it will be a nice age to travel, I feel more confident about it than I would have done a month ago and we are just going to stop for breaks whenever we want or need so the journey will be nicely broken up, and FX not too fraught!

  • I would still go but perhaps his friend could come too for the cycling bit? I can't really comment on the practicalities of having a 3 month old.

    I am definitely planning to be there next year with the baby. My H is from Sheffield so we're planning to go but just as spectators. I've seen it before in France and its pretty good to watch. I imagine cycling would be amazing though and really get you in the spirit.

    Seems a shame to miss out althogether, especially on your first anniversary so why not just go anyway and bring some friends too. Then you still get to see each other and see all of your family.  

  • I think I am glad to get responses like this, I could probably lead hubby either way.

    His family are all here or elsewhere now, just his grandma and auntie left, but I'd feel really sad (sorry for being morbid) if I never got to meet her.

    Taking friends might be tricky I think, it's hard to get accomodation there now as I understand it and very expensive, and a long journey which we'd need two cars for... Erm... We could suggest it though, so they know they're welcome and we're not all funny about sharing our anniversary weekend. I'll mention it when we see them tonight :)

  • Definitely go! The tour will be 5 miles from me and I bet there will be loads of events on around the tour and will be really family friendly. It might not be the same having to cycle alone, but better than pending you WA alone. One of the finishes is in Harrogate, leaving him to go off and cycle and you and LO to mooch round the shops etc.

    I might be very biased as we LOVE the tour and were in Paris at 18 weeks pregnant this year to watch the final stage. It wasn't what we had planned, but was amazing none the less,

  • I would go. Im sure he wont see it as you spoiling things for him. He should be really happy to be with you and his baby on your first wedding anniversary.

  • I would go anyway. I took LO to the Olympic road cycling event. She loved all the police cars and flag waving and then fell asleep just before bikes arrived and missed all the action. LOL

  • I would go. A was 6 weeks when we took her to Texas for my H to compete in a World Championship martial art competition. He did all the seminars, competition, training etc while I took A shopping and relaxed in the hotel.

    Also taken them to European competitions went L was 3-4 months old, that was a 9 hr drive there.

  • I'd go too, my thinking would be that once you have a baby there are a lot of compromises you have to make so this is just the start!

  • Thanks Ladies. It's not the taking baby thing I'm worried about, I took my son to various things and don't really remember him holding us back attending things, it's more that hubby would go off on his own for something that we intended to do together, and he didn't seem keen on going alone. For it to be in his hometown is just a MASSIVE deal for him, literally it's the number one sporting event in his life ever (sounds like an exaggeration, but isn't!), so I want him to get maximum enjoyment out of it. Wiggo is a hero of his and it might be his last tour. It's a once-in-a-lifetime so I don't want to hold him back.

    I know it's our anniversary but I genuinely could have an anniversary weekend with him on a number of different dates and be happy about it  :)

  • Counter, my husband is the same, I booked Paris for his 40th birthday before I was pregnant, when I found out I said we could swap my ticket for his mate to go instead, but he was adamant I went. It was different to what we planned, but he loved it just as much. I'm sure your OH will too x

  • I bet it was AMAZING Mrs!

  • My H is a cyclist and cycling photographer and we've taken E all over the place for events since he was born, including last year'sTour of Britain when he was 4 weeks old!

    In June our holiday was in the French Alps at the Criterium du Dauphine as H was working there and we met Chris Froome and Dave Brailsford, H doing his pictures E and I were 'networking' (autograph hunting!) which H was mortified about  Laugh Got an awesome pic of E with Chris Froome and no one knew who he was until he won the TdF and then our friends were interested! 

    We are so excited about the Grand Depart next year and I definitely wouldn't miss it, it's once in a lifetime and would be lovely for your anniversary. I don't cycle but E and I always do our own thing as H is in the thick of the action and then we meet up. There's always loads going on and I think it'll be brilliant next year, go for it! Big Smile

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