Tues 1st Tri **

morning ladies

how are we all ?

IMP good luck today ! (it is your consultant today isnt it?)


  • Morning all.

    Monnie, how's Honey doing today?

    I'm good this morning. I'm off work and running round after a toddler, we have playgrouo this morning and soft play this afternoon so a fairly busy day which should be nice.

    Hope everyone is doing well today. X

  • Yes, how is honey, mon?

  • Wispa, omg, we're limes! How did that happen?

  • she came home last night, she has a bacterial lung infection, the vet said she has sniffed something up on one of her woodland walks, and its spreading in her lungs, so shes on an intense course of antibiotics. she was very miserable last night after having a general anesthetic, and felt very sorry for herself. but she slept with mummy last night in the bed and daddy slept on the sofa haha! so she had a really good rest.thank you ladies xx

  • Hey all

    Mon, I'm glad to hear that Honey is home and thats she enjoyed a lovely night with her mummy!

    SG Enjoy your busy day!

    Wispa how are you?

    AFM- Not a good start to the day.  Have pretty much had a meltdown, can't stop crying and feel like I am close to the edge.  I've just come home after my appointment to try and calm down a bit before going back to work. That hospital just holds so many bad and sad memories for me and I have never ever been given good news there.

    Anyway, I have an early scan in 2 weeks, so I now have something to count down until.  I saw a doctor rather than the consultant and he was useless, really insensitive and no conversation or personality.  I hope I don't have to see him again.

    Sorry to drag everything down, feeling very sorry for myself.

  • Hi all,

    Monnie - Glad to hear Honey is OK, hopefully the antibiotics kick in soon.

    Spikey - Sounds like a lovely day that you have planned, enjoy.

    Imp - I think the way you are feeling is totally understandable. Sending you a huge cuddle. I hope the next 2 weeks go quickly for you x

    AFM - Going to book the scan for 7+5. Just wondered when symptoms kicked in for everyone? And do you find it comes in dribs and drabs - i.e. some days worse than others?

  • Hi Ladies!

    Monnie - glad to hear your pooch is doing well

    Spikey - that does sound like a busy day!  I'm sure you'll have a great time

    Imp - I hope you feel a bit brighter soon but the way you are feeling is completely understandable.  Hope the next two weeks fly by for you x

    Pepperoni - My symptoms have definitely been in dribs and drabs and really so mild that if I didn't know I was pregnant I wouldn't think anything of them.  How far are you at the moment?

    AFM - Nothing to report really.  Seem to be developing quite a bump but I'm not sure how much of that is the food baby I already had being pushed to the front!

  • Von - I'm 4+3. I've had tiredness since 8DPO, going to bed an hour or two early (thought it was because work was busy!) but last night didn't feel as tired. BBs are sore when touched, that has been fairly consistent. Have had days of nausea - Saturday was particularly bad, yesterday morning had about half an hour of feeling it, but hardly anything today. Just wanted reassurance that its normal to not feel the same day to day I think :)

  • Defo normal to feel differently each day pep. Symptoms come and go.

  • Thanks Imp. Really reassuring. I think you just think everyday is identical - i.e. if someone suffers from sickness they have it at the same time, every single day, etc. Thats what I always thought anyway! Naive really!

  • Pepperoni your symptoms sound very much like mine, particularly the tiredness and the sore boobs!

  • Pepp - im 4+5, no real symptoms just tired & drinking lots which equals peeing lots!

    Trying to get hold of my docs still to make an appointment!

  • Monnie - Glad Honey is hopefully on the mend!

    Imp - Hope you get to see the consultant next time! At least you now have a date to look forward to!

    Pepp - I have had sore boobs since about 3 weeks, stomach cramps started at 4 weeks, tiredness at 5 weeks and sickness from 6 weeks! The cramps seem to have lessened now but still have all the other symptoms! It was the sore boobs that prompted me to take a test!

  • Ah yes, have had stomach cramps as well. They are usually mid-afternoon. They are quite scary, glad I've seen on here before that they are 'normal'.

  • Afternoon ladies, I can at last use my work computer as I've now told them here after my early scan on Saturday :)

    Mon - great news about your doggie, I hope she improves quickly. I hope the bleeding hasn't made a reappearance.

    Spikey & Wispa - hi ladies, hope you are both well?

    Imp - sorry to hear you are feeling really down right now, I'm sorry the doctor was emotionless but good that you have your scan in 2 weeks. Grab a hug matey :)

    Pep - yep some days are worse than others, you think you are over the worse then the next day wham there it goes again. In the early stages for me it was bad cramping, very sore boobage and tiredness.

    VT - you have a bump already, how many weeks are you? I want to start taking pics but my blubber is too much so I don't have a bump so to speak.

    Cooper - hope you manage to get an appointment.

    Vix - Hi :)

    AFM - after the scan on Saturday I'm very happy at the mo and today we reach 10 weeks yippeee :) Feeling crampy again today and sicky, hopefully it will go later, seems to drag me down at the mo. I can't get my bloomin ticker to save on here, it shows me in Settings that all's good then when I press save it says there is an error grrrrr haha!

    Hellloooo to all who follow xx



  • Aww, Monnie, I'm glad she's on the mend.  Wispa once ate something in the woods that basically gave her food poisoning, but she was so weak she couldn't put any weight on her hind legs.  Sometimes it's just unavoidable what they get into on their walks, but it sure is stressful when they're poorly.  I love that she got to take your H's spot in bed, though!

    SG, I know!  limes!  I definitely don't feel like I've got a lime tucked up in my pelvis, though my jeans *are* just starting to feel a little tighter today.  

    Imp, I'm fine, thanks for asking.  I'm so sorry to hear that you're having a hard time, though.  I can't even imagine how you feel going in to these appointments, and all I can offer is a very inadequate internet hug.  At least you've got a scan soon.  We'll all be counting down the days together with you, and if you're faced with another (or the same) callous doctor, come *** about him to us.

    Pep, everyone's symptoms are different, but I was super hungry from the day AF was due - couldn't stop eating.  I got sore-ish boobs only by about week 6, and nausea (again very mild) came and went daily from week 6 to 9 with some days nothing at all and not much since.  Boobs are still tender to the squeeze, but don't ache or anything.  Other than that, I just get tired really easily and winded when out walking Wispa, so they've become more of a stroll than a power walk!

    VT, I'm with you on the mild symptoms and small-ish bump already, even though I'm only 11 weeks, eek.

    AFM, my maternity jeans i ordered from the gap have been shipped today!  I know that technically the uterus should still be neatly tucked up within the pelvic bone and thus I shouldn't be showing, but even if it's just a bit of extra padding around the middle, my jeans are fitting a bit tighter.  I'm planning to buy a plain white t-shirt for H and a little white babygro and some fabric paint and write 'Father Christmas' on the t-shirt and 'Baby Christmas' on the babygro, because I'm a complete dork and want our facebook announcement to be a photo of H in his shirt and me holding the babygro over my belly... Too much?  Am I a complete loser for thinking of this?

  • Missed you, LL!  Yay 10 weeks, not much longer until your 12-wk scan as well, then!  I'm no help with tickers, though.  Never had that problem with mine...

  • Late to this today and there's too many to try personals! H & I started the Christmas shopping in Exeter today but it was a 180-mile round trip with nearly 4 hours traipsing around the shops (including lunch and coffee break) and I am now exhausted. H has just gone to the cinema and I'm not moving from the sofa.

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