Two vessel cord. Anyone with any experience?

My mum's cousins daughter!! has just found out at her 20 week scan that she has a two vessel cord. What implications does this have? She's been googling and found all sorts of horror stories. She has to go back for a scan at 30 weeks as it can slow down growth but other than that should she be worried? Any experience gratefully received x


  • Hi MrsB,

    Sorry I've never heard of this but saw it was slipping down the board so had a look. I found this link with comments from a mum that had gone through it and a radiologist if it helps.

    Hope her pregnancy goes well

  • Thanks bll. I'll have a read through x
  • Hi Mrs B.

    My SIL had this with her little girl born last year. She had an extra scan just to check that the baby was growing ok. But everything was fine.  As far as I can rememebr the main implications are possible small baby and early labour. Neither of these things happened to SIL, her little girl was born a few days after her due date and weighed 7lb something.

    Hope its a similar story for your mums cousins daughter xx

  • Yes me. It wasn't discovered until after my son was born and whilst he had complications it wasn't anything to do with his cord so it didn't affect him at all x

  • Also my baby was 8lb and didn't even want to arrive after induction at 39+2 so no early labour or weight issues either

  • Thanks all for your positive stories. x
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