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***not pregnant or even TTC***

if you are having a vbac can you only deliver if you can into labour naturally, or can they induce you too?


  • Hi Carole, I had to have an emergency section with P. S was going to be a planned section until I went into early labour at 35 weeks. Although my waters broke there was nothing else happening so I was induced. I ended up having another section due to lac of progression. So yes, you can even go past term and onto have an induction. You are monitored more though during an induction and they won't  give full strength drugs to bring on the contractions to rapidly or to strong though if they can help it, t is a more softly softly approach. I think it's to prevent rupture of the scar more than anything.

  • thanks QS, I've been a pondering. IF I ever have a another baby I wondered what would happen. I was told that that the type of section I had meant that I could have a vbac, but It's more to do with if I need to be induced early, say at 34 weeks because I get pre eclampsia. I wondered if they would go straight to a C-section or try an induction.

  • I will watch this with interest as I've been told by friends that induction isn't possible after a cs.  X

  • No you still can be induced just full dosage won't be given. I was induced with both my boys, both inductions were quite similar, so the pre section with P and then with S after. It was only when I was having a lack of progression second time round that they couldn't up the dosage beyond a certain point incase things ramped up too much.

    It is all quite overwhelming when it comes to making a decision on your way forward after a previous emergency section. Mine was quite an emergency with P as he was stuck and it was believed after that I wouldn't have been able to deliver him naturally due to his size and mine. For this reason had I gone full term with S I had said under no circumstances would I be induced. I would have had an elective section that is scheduled for about 39 weeks. S was prem so smaller, I tried for a natural birth with induction. With lack of progression we worried things were going the same way so insisted on reverting back to a section and from that point it was a lovely experience.

     I chatted loads on hitched at the time as they feel such enormous decisions.

  • It does seem to vary between hospitals tbh.  I know my hospital said that they would do some of the induction procedures but not all of them, sorry I can't remember exactly what as I had already decided that if I didn't go in to labour naturally I would go straight to C/S.   As it turned out I decided to go for ELCS anyway.

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