Was anyone's second baby smaller than first?

W wasn't expected to be massive, but I was always measuring 1cm ahead for my dates. She was 8lb 15oz at 40+6.

this time I've been measuring 2-3 cm smaller than my dates. No one seems concerned by this. When I had my consultant appointment last week she measured me and didn't seem concerned that this one was smaller, she said so long as the bump is growing steadily that's more important . 

i don't think she will be "small" but not as big as W. I know normally your second is bigger and so can't help feeling paranoid its something I'm doing wrong. I'm taking pregnacare , I make a conscious effort to have plenty of calcium every day (I hate milk), eating meat,veg , carbs etc. i don't think I'm eating as big quantities as last time though . 

Its daft because I only expected to have a 7 1/2 ish pounder last time as wasn't particularly huge and I'm only small myself. But now I've had a good sized baby, I'm feeling worried and paranoid I'm not doing a good enough job this time because she isn't as big. 

i know I'm being silly and every baby and pregnancy is different, and that bump measurements aren't at all accurate, but its impossible not to worry about these things 



  • I'll find out over the next 2 weeks but so far this baby was measuring 7lb6oz at 38+5 last week, A was 9lb at 40+0.

    2 of my NCT friends have recently had smaller second babies, and by vbac too, I'm hoping to make it a HatTrick on both counts!

  • iirc they dont act unless its 5cm or more smaller than estimated dates

    isaac was smaller than L, but L was born at >41 weeks and isaac at 38+4.  L was 7lb1 and isaac was 6lb1, but isaac didnt loose any birthweight at all where as L lost 9oz

  • My first born at 8lb 3 and 40+3

    Second born at 7lb 9 and 40+6

    First lost quite a bit in first few days 6/7oz I think but I don't think L lost much.

  • Mine was smaller. Partly as he arrived 12 days earlier than #1, but I just measured smaller this time too. It's not a bad thing, other than he has only 3 babygrows that are a good fit, and the rest are a bit big!

  • My second was much smaller than the first. no.1 was 11lb7oz 11days late and no.2 was 7lb7 a week late. I never dreamed I'd have such a teeny one after a big one. I was convinced she would be closer to 9lb but was very shocked at 7lb.

  • Matilda was 10lb 11oz at 40+18

    Heidi was 9lb 5oz at 38+6

    So yes, my second was smaller but if she'd gone to the same term as my first then I think she would have been much bigger.

  • My second was a lot heavier!

  • #1 was 6lbs 11oz at 40+6 and #2 was 6lbs 2oz at 39 weeks so they probably would have been about the same. #3 was 7lbs 1oz at 38+6 so would've been heavier than both.

  • My 2nd and 3rd were both 37 weekers.  My 2nd was 8lb 4oz and my 3rd was 6lb 11oz so quite a bit smaller, I measured smaller and he felt smaller all the way through the pregnancy.

  • My 1st was 8lb 1oz at 40 +10 and my 2nd was 7lb 11oz at 39+4.

  • Sorry for only just getting back to this.

    Thanks for your replies its helped put my mind at rest.

    I know the MW and consultant were not worried but I couldn't help but have the usual pregnancy paranoia. Nice to know there's a few of you who have had a smaller second one.

  • J was 9lb 6 at 8 days over and A was 9lb 2 at 4 days over so only marginally smaller. A was long and her weight was in her length whereas J was a bit of a chunk.

  • My 1st was 7lb 10oz at 40+12

    2nd was 7lb 5oz at 40+10

    So similar gestation but slightly lighter.  

    3rd was 40+13 but 10lb5, so a full 3lb difference.  2nd has stayed around the 9th centile whereas 3rd is around the 91st centile.  

  • Given that #1 was 9lb10oz, I was gonna eBay all the newborn sized clothes we have but upon reading this thread I might hang onto them ..... There is always hope #2 will be smaller!

  • No 1 was 8lbs 3 ozs at 40+4

    No 2 was 7lbs 6ozs at 39+4

  • Trio- that's a huge difference in. Size for your third!

    Horsefan- it's very hard knowing what size to need. I think I'm. Going to need newborn this time but am. Literally only going to buy one pack and then send H for more if needed .

  • Sorry I've no idea why my phone insists on putting full stops after every couple of words. !!

  • only by a little bit- E weighed 7lb 7oz, and O weighed 7lb 2oz. E born at 40+2, O born at 40+4.

  • Number 1 was 8 pounds 13 at 40+7

    Number 2 was 8 pounds 9 at 40+7

    Number 3 was 10 pounds 1 at 40+11

  • Just looked at red book and #1 was 1lb heavier and 10cm longer!

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