• Think I went for regular water at that age? Bearing in mind they will be eating all sorts of food at this time. I gave water in a cup with every meal.

  • Pretty sure i did tap water straight from tap at this age but i cant i 100% remember!!

  • Water from a tap is fine to drink. Not sure on formula though soery

  • wARs, including the not really remembering.

    Helpful, aren't we Laugh

  • For drinking water I think I gave F cooled boiled water until about 8 months but, from what I understand, you can give normal tap water from 6 months.

    With regards to formula, we made a bottle up one at a time as needed using boiled water in order to kill any bacteria in the powder. We then switched to cows milk at 12 months.

  • We just give A normal tap water now. I think with formula though it still needs to be boiled.

  • You can def give tap water from 6 months. Formula I would presume the water still needs to be boiled

  • Tap water in an unsterilised sippy cup here after 6 months. He was rolling about and licking the floor by that stage anyway, regular tap water wasn't going to harm him!

  • I thought water still had to be boiled until they were one. Well, those were the guidelines with C and I've done the same with S, but we all know how quickly the guidelines change ... I can't see how tap water would hurt though.

  • LWO - I had A in 2009 and the guidelines then were 6 months

  • Tap water from 6 months is fine, that's what we did here. No boiling water here

  • It was straight from the tap when I was weaning A. She was 2008 x

  • Ally, I was def. told to give cooled, boiled water until 1 when I had C in 2010, otherwise I'd not have considered the need to do it. They prob changed the guidelines, then changed them back. Sigh. I'm still boiling and cooling though, not that I can get her to drink much water anyway.

  • I gave both of mine cool boiled water until they were one and mine were 07 & 09. Even though this is my third i am clueless!

  • NHS guidelines are that you can give tap water from 6 months

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