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Well that makes me feel fantastic...

E was just trying to climb down the back of the sofa and I told her to get out which she didn't so I did her countdown which is 3, 2, 1 before I act and intervene (we do this with both and usually don't get past 2). She came out at 1 and said "you're really nasty mummy, and I don't love you!"

jonah frequently tells me I'm not his best friend anymore when I ask him to do something he doesn't want to but this is the first time she's come out with something like that. I know it's 'normal' but ouch! 


  • I have a standard response to this 'that's a shame, because I love you' (or you're my best friend, or whatever the reverse of the insult is). Helps me not get worked up by it as it is hard to hear, even though I know he doesn't mean it.

  • Ah M told me the other day that I wasn't a good mummy, but S is a good mummy (ie her best friends mum). And she said I don't like you anymore I want to go live at Ss house.

    Got to have a thick skin to be a mummy!!

  • Horrible isn't it. When H is around I sometimes get 'I love Daddy, I don't like you' thanks son. I know he doesn't mean it and when H isn't around he is very loving but it still hurts and H does nothing to help the situation.

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