What brand of nappy??

Wondering if anyone out there can help me!
I received these nappies in a nappy cake and wondering what brand they are...assuming they're size 1s for the size of them...has anyone come across them before?


  • No size on the back? I had some in a cake (different to this) and they had a small 2 on the back. I'd say they are a bit bigger than a pampers size 1, but smaller than a pampers size 2 iykwim. They reminded me of morrisons own brand newborn nappies I had 2 years ago

  • They aren't sainsburys, aldis, Tesco cheeky bots, kiddicare or Huggies (not that huggies is available anyway) if that helps.  I'm wondering maybe boots.

  • I think the photo may be deceptive IDC as they're the same size as my Aldi and Pampers size 1s but no no size printed anywhere on them! A friend has Morrisons nappies and has ruled them out for me!

    Thanks for eliminating some brands for me TP...will try and see if I can find out if they're boots!

  • They aren't Asda or Morrisons.

  • I don't think they are boots either

  • They're not Boots Baby Dry ones anyway, haven't had their newborn though. Could be really hard to work out as I've used Morrisons newborn nappies and the design on the size 1's was totally different from their size 2's

  • Yeah each size usually has a different picture etc just thought someone might have come across these before...oh well looks like I might not know unless I ask the person who gave me the nappy cake!

  • Didn't see your BA Missy, congratulations!

  • Ah thank you Mrs V...I ended up staying in hospital for 2 weeks so never got round to doing a BA on here and didn't get one done for me. I was induced in the end and little man was 13 day late!

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