What do I need?

Done about a million times I'm sure but now I have a few bits I'm trying to work out what I need to get to add to the pile and what I don't need either yet or at all. At the moment I have no space to put anything and I don't think I will have a nursery before baby arrives but you never know...

So this is what I have...

7 sleepsuits

7 vest

1 hat

1 pair of scratch mitts

1 sleeping bag

1 coming home outfit

Reusable nappies

Newborn disposable nappies

About a million wipes!!

Cotton wool


Baby bath

Bouncy chair

Moses basket

Play nest/mat

Car (lol)

Some of these things are being given to me so I don't have them yet which is just as well!!!

I still have on my list to get

Travel system

Isofix base


OH says he has a cot...

I want to get a moby (athough I know it's not technically a need to have)

But what else do I actually need for when baby arrives? I know some things can wait until after baby is actually here/ until weaning or sleeping in own room...


  • I feel so disorganised!!

  • You may not be able to use the sleeping bag straight away depending on the weight of the baby, J was only 6lb3 and was too small for a good few weeks, so we used cellular blankets for that time.

  • Some blankets, a couple more hats as it will be cold, a couple of cardigans,some more scratch mitts, some booties or socks, a car seat, sheets for the cot and Moses basket, mattress fir the cot

  • OO I have some blankets too!! forgot those. They're from when I was a baby... they'll still be ok to use though won't they?

  • Drawers/storage (most bits fold), towels, bedding (wSGS about bags, plus with bags consider having 1 in wash etc), room thermometer (can't rate groegg more highly!), changing mat, change bag..

  • A changing bag, nursing bras if breast feeding, bottles, steraliser etc if bottle feeding. Baby towel? Changing mat?

  • i made up a baby first aid kit - sudocrem, bonjela, calpol, infacol. obviously not all needed for a newborn but it was good to have it there so we had no mad dashes to the shops for supplies when they got colic/teething pain/nappy rash.

    i would get an extra sleeping bag incase you have a sicky baby (or one that explodes out of their nappies like mine!!)

    not for baby, but some good winter boots/shoes for you. my first was a winter baby, born in a snowstorm, i fell over carrying his carseat with him in when he was a few weeks old because of the ice and snow (good job he was in the carseat actually!)

  • Ooh, Metanium is great for sore botties, and better to have in advance, and Lansinoh is great for sore boobies, ditto the having in advance.

  • Changing mat I'm being given and I'm already wearing nursing bras (damn my giant boobs!!!)

    Actually am I likely to need a different size when baby arrives? Going to try breast feeding but neither my mum not my aunty were able to manage it so I'm holding off buying too much feeding stuff...

    I'm getting a good list here, thank you

    Coco, I have a wardrobe and changing table with drawers but it's in a storage unit at the moment along with most of my belongings... I'm really hoping that I can get that sorted before baby arrives or the poor thing will be living out of cardboard boxes dotted around the place!

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