What do I need?

After a brilliant scan today I'm starting to make a list of what we need. I have some things from having my son but not much tbh and I'm aware there's also new products on the market. So any ideas? Best buys? 

Hannah x


  • Need need or want need? ;)

    My "list" for this time is crib, mattress, bedding, clothes, sling, morrck. oh and bouncy chair. I've got pram, borrowing play gym from my sis.. can't think what else except bottles, oh and I'm going to try reusable nappies this time.

    So pleased your scan was good, pic is cracking!

  • Well a bit of both lol don't have pram but mil is buying that hurrah!

  • That's a result! Did you decide what to get yet? Were you wanting a bugaboo? We've got a mobilethat attaches to the hood of the pram that M fell asleep listening to for months, I need to find that. Slumber bear too. Dream genii pillow for you for pregnancy?

    I need to add single bed to my list as M is in the cot bed at the mo and I'll need her out of it.

    Although I'm getting a bit ahead of myself!

  • I know, v lucky. We're getting a bugaboo bee, I've wanted one for years and I know nothing else would do. Oh yes, I do want a pillow must add that to my list! And the glamorous stuff like maternity pads ;)

    Jude's in a bed so the cot is waiting but I want a bedside crib for the first 6m.

  • I'm going to use the crib as long as possible but def want M out of it in advance so it's not like the baby is taking her bed iyswim.

    Bugaboo bees are lovely. I don't really like my pram (M&ps ultima) but couldnt justify a new one for all the time I'll use it.

    That's nice of your MIL, mine hasn't even congratulated me! She's a strange one at the best of times though

  • On that's a shame, I should be glad I got rid of mine a long time ago. I mostly used slings with Jude but I want the option this time. My MIL is lovely and a bit baby mad! Maybe yours will be happier down the line, I know older people struggle with us finding out so early these days.

    Where does one find a nice changing bag? I'm too picky.

  • If you're interested my dream geani (sp?) is sat in a cupboard waiting to be sold......

  • Oh I am but after payday! I'll message you on fb tomorrow x

  • Would John Lewis be a good bet for changing bags? I actually saw a nice one in babies r us the other week, didn't have a proper look though. I want a change bag that doesn't look like a change bag Laugh

  • Isis

    Oh I am but after payday! I'll message you on fb tomorrow x

    That's fine, I'm off on hols for 2 weeks on Saturday but can send it as soon as I am back x

  • Perfect morph :)

    Weekender, I know what you mean. I'm so fussy! I hate the yummy mummy ones but I don't want black!

  • Changing bags are like looking for the holy grail in my eyes. I had a yummy mummy one last time, which worked well for me. I loved the changing mat (very wipeale and squishy) and wet bag. You can buy these separately now. I have an orla kiely bag for this one, although with a pink lining change mat etc. I'm not sure if its going to be a bit big, but will see how I get on. There are some lovely leather ones that look like normal bags, but there are so expensive and usually quite big too. I just cant justify spending more than £100 so ebay has been my friend.  

  • I used the list on the back of a mothercare catalogue as a starting point. Have funs making your  list and shopping. Our best buy has been a digital video monitor/camera.

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