When did your LO grow out of their moses basket?? Poss space issue!?!?!

So we are still at PIL's awaiting the build of our new house. O is currently still in his basket. He is 11 weeks old, and has about 2inches left in his basket. I am panicking about where to put him when he finally out grows it. We simply do not have space at the moment for a cot in our room. I think we could squeeze a travel cot in...but I'm not sure if this would be good for his back long term? I thought they were only for occasional use?? We could be looking at around another 8 weeks.

When did you LO's outgrow their baskets?

And do any of you use a travel cot as a more permanent cot alternative?


  • Have you got a pram carrycot? This could be slightly bigger so you could transfer LO to this for time being? Isla was still in her carry cot at 6 months and she was quite long. I don't think there's a problem with using a travel cot longer term, just buy one that takes a standard cot mattress so it's more comfy. Think the hauck travel cots are 120cm which is cot mattress length x

  • Ive got a similar situation here Munchkin.  Have brought a travel cot as we need one for holiday anyway, brought an extra mattress for it...I think we will be installing it in the bedroom this weekend...even though it will be cramped!

  • what about a crib? are they bigger than a moses basket, but smaller than a cot? I'm sure Ikea do smaller sized cots

  • D outgrew hers at 6 weeks. we bought a crib which is between a moses and cot. That did her til 6mths but she was a monster baby x

  • Never had a Moses basket. But cot wouldn't fit in our room, so had a bedside crib (from John Lewis - but they priced-matched an alternative store). LO was in that until she was 8months (and only moved out of it & into cot because she was pulling herself up and I was afraid she might topple out)

  • 3 weeks with Sebastian, luckily the cot fits in our room! Otherwise a travel cot is an option although not sure my back would cope long term!

    Big S was 4 months when he outgrew his

  • You could buy a mattress for a travel cot, probably cheaper than buying a crib and mattress if you already have a travel cot.

  • Mine was 4 weeks! He grew out of pram carrycot pretty quickly too, although that was SH so didn't matter.

    he was born 9/5, this was him 23/6 and his knees are slightly bent too!

    This time we got a SH crib for £10 and new mattress for maybe £15? Should last us long enough. Is it me, or do some travel cots have a bassinet thing so they are higher up? Are the the same size as the whole cot? Also. Ikea cots are small so you could maybe fit that if you wanted?

  • A slept in his moses basket for his morning nap today and he is 25 weeks and 67.5cm!

    He rolls over though,so he's in the travel cot in our bedroom, has been for 3 weeks and will be until his cot arrives in October.  We don't have any problems with it other than the bending down yo lift him out of it!

  • 6 months  and we've JUST put the Moses and carry cot away. He is a little dot though.

    As Carole said a crib is a bit bigger or you can get spacesaver cots, try kiddiecare?

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