Which bottles are best to avoid nipple confusion?

B is six weeks old and I've been trying to build up a stockpile of expressed milk so I can start giving her a bottle once a day to get used to it. 

She doesn't seem very good at sucking though. It's like she has a lazy suck. she comes on and off my boob really easy, and to start a feed she never just latches on herself, I have to squeeze my nipple and point it into the roof of her mouth. then she starts sucking and there's no soreness or anything , and she must be getting plenty out as I feel she's drained them and she's gaining loads of weight, so i don't think it's a problem with her latch as it doesn't hurt and everything looks fine , she jist seems to not suck very hard so often she comes off quite a few times.

ive started trying her on a bottle and she still seems to have this lazy suck. You put the bottle in her mouth and she'll do about 20 good sucks and you can hear she's getting milk out and swallowing, but then her mouth goes slack and the teat comes out of her mouth. There's never that strong grip where you can't pull the bottle out because they're sucking hard. 

I'm im using avent bottles. the teats don't look great though, very different to a nipple which won't help maters. What bottles are most like a nipple? 

I used tommee tippee ctn anti colic ones last time and they were good but I hated how there was lots of bits (the ones with the tube inside), they fell apart after a while with lots of use. 

Perhaps I could try to non anti colic ones without the tube in the middle, but before I bought them wondered if there was anything better 

sorry this has ended up as a really long post! I'm not good at being concise! 


  • We used the tommee tippee closer to nature ones. O also was a lazy feeder. I did some research and we changed to the variflow teats which made the flow faster and he diddidn't  have to suck as hard x

  • Thanks. I've had a look in Asda this morning at dr browns ones as I've heard people on here mention those, but the teat looked quite similar to the avent one in that it's quite long, whereas the tt ones seem a bit better so think I'll buy some more of those and see how we get on. Fingers crossed she likes them as I'm meant to be going out for the day on Sunday and leaving B with H so there's no chance if she won't drink from a bottle :(

  • I used the TT CTN ones with C - never had any problems with nipple confusion, although there weren't any tubes inside so possibly not the anti colic ones, although C's now 4.5 so they've probably changed since then.

  • You can still buy ones without the tube in deedee, so I think I'm going to get those instead as it will only be for one bottle a day so don't think colic should be too much of an issue

  • I'd look at the Medela Calma ones. They force baby to form a seal over the teat to get milk out in the same they do on the boob. So the bottle doesn't become an easy option. We used them with E. Expensive, but well worth it!

  • Stripey at the moment she has the opposite problem. She only sucks a bottle for a short time before she doesn't like it and then just won't close her mouth around it but is still hungry because she will then happily feed off me.

    I think I had it easy last time as W would happily take any bottle. I have a feeling I'm going to be spending a fortune of many different bottles this time !

  • I get that. My thinking is more that if you wanted to continue BFing, and she is a lazy feeder, normal bottles are much easier as the milk is just there and flows so they don't need to work for it, so could it could make BFing harder in the long run.

  • I used mams anti colic as the teat is flat like a nipple. Unfortunately we used sma teats in scbu so he did get confused anyway. I've saw nipple like teats/bottles in boots recently that are new  that look quite good.

  • I used tt, avent, boots, sainsburys, nuby & dr brown and never had any nipple confusion.

  • Stripey I see what you mean. It's hard to get a balance isn't it as I want to bf for at least six months, but want to be able to give her a bottle so I'm able to leave her with other people.

    TP thanks for that link. It says they're on bogof offer as well so quite a good price.

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