Which nappy size do i need? (non-cloth)

I thought I would be organised and stock up on some nappies but my brain hurts just by the sizing.

Newborns 4lb-11lb, newborn 6lb-13lb, newborn 9-15lb!

Which do I need to get?  The 6lb-11lb will be fine for a newborn won't they, working our way up to the 9-15lbs? Im assuming the 4-11 are more for tiny babies.

A friend has suggested getting a couple of boxes to start off with. Does that sound right?



  • I'd get a packet or two of each, but not too many of any one brand in case you don't get on with them. My 8lb+ babies all wore the size 1 (4-11lb) for at least a fortnight, which is a fair few nappies in a newborn!

  • TBH I would get 4-11 to start off with. It'll probably take a few weeks for your baby to get to 11lb assuming he/she hasn't already been measuring big. Also the weight guides aren't necessarily accurate. A was 6lb 12oz at birth and we put him in the 'right' nappies and they leaked. We tried "micro" nappies when he went back to hospital for jaundice, they were supposedly for "up to 6lb" babies but fit him much better.

  • We've got a couple of packets of the 6-13lb in a couple of different brands.

  • Should add that N is now 11lb and 9 weeks and still wears size 2 when in disposables, with plenty of growing room left in them.

  • We used the size 1 (4-11) for about the first 4 weeks - A was 7lb. We've just moved onto the size 2 as I had a load of these left over from my first and they're fine on her. She's 9lb now x

  • Thanks ladies, maybe i will get the small size then, Would a box be too many? I have one pack of the Pampers size 1 already (I bought in order to get the Boots changing bag!)

    I want to try the Asda Little Angels too as I know they have received good reviews here!

  • We budgeted about 10 per day when making sure we had enough. We pretty much changed after each feed day and night plus odd one in between.

    I would also do the same,  see how baby gets on with a brand before buying more.  Nappies are always on offer and available at 24hour supermarkets.

  • I thought the same Little Madam,Ive already checked the shop across the road to see what they sell,  and we are just down the road from a retail park with a 24 hour tesco, mothercare and Asda living so we don't have to go far to restock!

  • That'll see you through. I needed the excuse to escape the house on day 6 stating "We've no nappies,  we're going to have to nip to the shops"  :)

  • Definitely get some size 1s.  Orla is still in size 2 at 13 weeks.  As others have said I wouldn't buy too many, probably a pack of each type, until you see how you get on.  Having been a supermarket own brand fan last time around before switching to cloth, this time I haven't likely anything other than the pampers.  That may well change when she grows out of the newborn style ones as that is when we started having problems with Zoe.  

  • We had mainly size 2's and a couple packs of size 1's. S is 13 weeks now and has been in 3's for a while now. Also had to stop using newborn ones a few weeks ago as I found they weren't absorbent enough for the amount of pee my boy produces

  • Ally, just goes to show how different they can be doesn't it.  Given ours are exactly the same age.  

  • Yep,  although I suppose S is a fair bit bigger than O still. He was 13lb 7 last week

  • M fits both size 1 and 2 in both Aldi and Pampers at 4 weeks and 10lb something. I'm trying to use up the size 1/newborns now.  As other said just get a couple of packs or so, and work it out once baby is here and you know how big/small they are and what nappies they get on with best.

  • My son was just under 6lb when born so I ended up getting some micro nappies as the others were too big. I might buy a pack this time just in case I have a similar sized baby.

  • They are all so different. S is just going into size 3 and she is 6 months old tomorrow! Her sister was out of 2s by about 3 months. We also used pampers up to 3 first time then had leaking problems but this time any seem fine on her.

    Each bum is so different!

  • Thank you so much for the feedback ladies!

    I think I'll get a couple of packs of size 1 and 2 in Pampers and Little Angles and see how we get on with them!!

    My brain is hurting a lot less now!

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