Would you let your birth be filmed for tv?

I would never ever want to be seen in the state I was in in tv! In general day to day life I do normally have a bit of make up on but not much, don't really do much with my hair etc, I don't really have the time or energy to worry what I look like. But I still would draw the line somewhere and would be mortified if people saw the state of me in labour. 

Im always confused by the people who obviously do take a lot of care in their appearance and want to look good at all times and are reapplying makeup inbetween contractions, as wonder why they agree to cameras capturing them. If I do decide to go for an ELCS I fully intend to not have any visitors until I've been able to put some makeup on!

and I know they blur it out but I would still feel like everyone had seen all my bits and pieces! know it must be lovely to have a memory of what happened ( especially as I remember very little!) , but I think it is such a private and intimate thing I wouldn't want to think next time I'm in asda people were looking at me thinking "ooh I saw her giving birth on tv last night"! 

Im glad some people are brave enough though as I love those shows. 

Just wondered if anyone of you would agree to it what your reasons are


  • Not in a month of Sundays! If I was that desperate to have a video memory of what happened I'd get a home camcorder! It's not that I care particularly about looking rough (although the thought of every man and his dog seeing me like that doesn't fill me with joy) but, although I haven't yet experienced it, giving birth seems like a very intimate thing that I would just want to share with my H and new baby.

  • No!  I didn't have a wedding video because I thought I would feel self-conscious all day being videod! Plus don't want extra people at the birth - aiming for minimum. Having said that, I'd like a video of baby in those first few minutes...... Hmmmm

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