Would you take baby swimming with a cold?

I'm not sure if it will make it worse?

S is quite congested but well in himself and no temp. He's due to have a swimming lesson tomorrow, his third of eleven but he missed the first two due to holiday and then eczema break out so if we aren't going tomorrow I think I'm better off seeing if I can transfer on to the next term in December as I feel like he will have missed too much. Though I don't know how much babies learn at swimming lessons anyway so if he'd be ok to miss another week?!



  • I never take either of mine if they have a cold. It does seem to make it worse or take longer to get over it. It won't hurt to miss another week, he will catch up.

  • I probably wouldn't. I just think 'would I want to go swimming if I had a cold?' Probably not. I wouldn't worry about missing much - I have A signed up for a run of 10 classes amd we've missed a couple due to holidays etc, but we've not missed anything vital. We tend to do the same stuff each week, just making it a bit more challenging for them each week (dunking them more, making them spend longer on their back/front). I wouldn't blame you for switching to the next term though in terms of getting your money's worth :)

  • Thanks both. You're right and it didn't sit comfortably the thought of stripping him down and dunking him in cold water!

    I have mum and baby friends doing the lessons so it would be nice to still go to them - they have also  just said we haven't missed much, though perhaps money wise I could be wiser to transfer if they'll let me. Thanks, will have a ponder!

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