X posted line or evap line? **update in op**

Morning ladies

af was due yesterday and didn't appear so late last night I tested and was a def BFN but my wee was clear when I took the test.

still no sign of AF this morning so retested with a cheap internet test and first ursine and nothing appeared after the 5 min wait but when I went back to it about half hour or so later there was a faint line. Help! Is this a BFP line or just an evaporation line?


So I did a cbd this morning and got this!



  • Line. Tentative congratulations!

  • Looks exactly like my line did and he is now nearly 6 months!!! Congrats! If you get a CBD the you can confirm x

  • I'd say bfp, can you nip and get a digital one? Tentative congratulations from me too x

  • But it was after the test time so couldn't it be an evap line?

  • To add I also did a test the night before and it was a negative

  • Looks like a line to me too...x my first test with L was a bit like this he is now 20 months x
  • The only way you will know if if you try a clear blue - they are better than any test a doctor would don. Good luck!

  • Looks like a line to me! Defo get a CBD x

  • Or go and get a FRER, In fact, get both!

    I think it looks like a line though, so tentative congratulations!

  • I wouldn't take the results as a positive, it's invalid as was read over the time limit. You may still well be pregnant but you need an accurate test.

    I would test again using a SuperDrug early test or a frer test and if there's a line within the limit I'd use a CBD to confirm. I always found I didn't get a positive with a CBD till about 14dpo, good luck I hope it is a bfp but for now its not clear

  • Someone said a CBD is better than a test  a dr would do which isn't quite true, drs can do bloods which are a thousand times more accurate than a urine test but obviously they wouldn't do this as run if the mill, but I wouldn't want people to think that drs tests are inaccurate iyswim

  • Looks exactly like the line I got with Maya. Go get a CBD quickly!!
  • Ive found cbd's arent usually as good at picking up early bfps. Id use a superdrug or first response.

  • I must have used hundreds of tests over the years, and looked at the tests hours after I'd used them praying for a line to appear. The only time I've ever had lines after the test time is when I've been pregnant. With this baby I retched when reading the word 'fish' on a menu, I wasn't due on for another 4 days but I took the test and got a line long after the time. I'm now 37 weeks. I'm 99% sure it's a BFP so Congratulations but go do another test and convince yourself xx

    BTW the cheapies always seem far more sensitive than some of the bigger brands and using early morning urine is advised so getting a positive today and a BFN yesterday is more than possible.

  • That was me cherry pie - I went to my doc the day I got my CBD, took it with me & he said that's as good as any test I would be doing - he didn't offer bloods, urine etc & I've since learned this is quite standard.

  • Hopefully it's a line but I'd definitely get a cbd or frer to be sure. Fingers crossed!

  • Update in OP x

  • Congratulations x

  • Congratulations!

  • Yeah! Congratulations! x

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