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Is this a faint positive or an evaporation line?

i broke up with my girlfriend and she's not handling it very well she sent me this photo saying its a faint positive but it doesn't look pink at all to me and looks more Iike what I read to be an evaporation line, just looking for some opinions!



  • It looks like a evaporation line to me as well,its too early to be telling you its a faint positive,but it coule be,tell her to try in 2 days and if it still looks like that,shes not pregnant, good luck x

  • The line is grey so I'd say its evap - tell her re test in a week with a clear blue digi x

  • I agree, I'd say its an evap & would also recommend her to take a Clear Blue test that will clearly say "pregnant" or "not pregnant"

  • Thanks everyone. The digital tests say not pregnant but she says they have a higher sensitivity requirement? She tested no on digital first response and on clear blue. I did a first response with her later that day and she got this. I told her we retest Wednesday morning or see a doctor. I feel like they are faint positives . But its hard to tell if there's color or not. She was on birth control and I pulled out which I know doesn't make a huge difference I just feel like the odds are extremely in the favor of not pregnant unless she missed pills for an extended period of time or something and didn't tell me. Which wouldn't surprise me with how she's been acting lately!

  • The latest test you just uploaded has a pink colour to it unlike the last test,I think this is a faint positive but normally clear blue works on day of missed period but every woman produces different amount of hcg in early pregnancy, if she is pregnant a clear blue digital should say pregnant in about 2 days time,good luck x

  • No. I dont think she is, looks like evaporation thats all.

  • The second one looks like a faint positive strange digital said negative. I'd try again with a digital in a few days or go to GP for blood test

  • The line should be crisper regardless of whether or not it's a faint line. If both those first response tests were from the same pack I would probably consider them to be a dodgy batch and try a different type of test.

    How long ago did you have sex? If it was less than 14 days ago then a test may be too early to be truly accurate yet.

  • This is my second pregnancy,  first after miscarriage.  My pregnancy test (First Response) looked just like that at 10 DPO (days past ovulation). I was 5 days away from expecting my cycle.  It only got darker after that, developing into a "strong positive". I am 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant.  So I would have her take the test in a few days or even in a week, as some of the other people have mentioned. More than spending so much time debating the validity of this pink line, it may be wise to begin thinking about what you are going to decide next depending on the outcome. Hope this helps.

  • That one at 16:20 yesterday looks like my BFP that I got on FRER.

    I would wait a couple of days or a week and re-test on Digi.


  • Sorry to jump on your post but not quite sure how these forums work! Can you guys please give me your thoughts on our test please? I had never heard of evap lines until today

    so just assumed it was a faint positive! Thanks in advance ????
  • That definitely looks like a faint line!!! Congratulations mommy!

  • Looks like a faint positive to me

  • Eeeek I really hope so!! ????????????

  • I did one of those tests too and both lines were faint like yours, this is another test i did.. Any comments?? I'm so unsure


     Picture didn't ladies
  • I see a faint line lhx image x

  • I've had two like that now!!x


    Is this a faint positive? 
  • Hi honey,I don't see a line, try not to get your hopes up too much,my test was positive and today I've found out I've went into an early miscarriage, just let nature take its course and wait a week or so and do another test, wishing you all the best,hope you have a wee baba on the way ????xxxx

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