Faint positive pregnancy test

I took 3 pregnancy test all camelse out with very faint lines on them. 

Now today I started spotting and having terrible back pain. Any advice or comments? I don't know what to think.  Thanks 



  • hi I had also had spotting on and off tiny bit blood pink on and of for about a week and yesterday I done a test an I assumed I wouldn't be pregnant but I am :) first month of trying and I only my first month on pill so everyone is different so you can be possibly spottimy is a sign of pregnancy I asked onhere the other day for same reasons an peopel mentioned I wouldn't be as the spottjng was more then two days but do a test I doby mine just before period is ment to start an took two both positive good luck :)

  • If you have a second line no matter how strong you're pregnant. sometimes women get implantation bleeding so this could be the spotting. And sometimes women get period pains in the early stages of pregnancy which is what the pains could be. I'd go and get checked out if you're worried though. Good luck 😊

  • Hi lady's! I have pcos and been TTC for the last year now. In late July my gyno put me on birth control pills for two months. Said i needed a break. September 11th was my last day. Any who.. I had my period September 16-20th. I got this Ovia Fertility chart and it said my most fertile days were 20- 24. My ovulation day was the 24th. I had intercourse all them days plus after. I'm 17dpo I've taken tests since 10 dpo and nothing. Tonight I had taken a test and it was what I thought negative from a distance. Then when I held it up I seen a little bit of a line that looked like it was trying to turn but didn't. I thought I'm going crazy. So I asked my husband. At first he said he seen it. But when I showed him the actual test he said he couldn't see it and that maybe its cause I'm wanting this so bad my eyes are playing tricks on me. Help!!! I need to know if I'm being nuts! Sorry so long! image

  • image Am I losing it, or does anyone else see a line?image

  • Sure I can see a line...congrats :)

  • Can someone tell me if they see a line xximage

  • image Does anyone else see a line on the bottom test? Could this be an evaporation line of BFP?

  • Mmckeon I can see a line on the bott test, looks like what I got today. Hopefully the line will get stronger, when will you re test ? X

  • I'm in the same situation, had 3 positive pregnancy tests (cheap brand) last one I did was on Saturday and the next day I had light pink every time I wiped, it would last for a few hours and then go until the next day and sometimes it'll be light pink or mixed with brown, I wear a pad and it doesn't fill it just a blob basically, i dont feel like it's my period, also been getting cramps and lower back pain 😭 hones don't know what to think and when to do another test to check? It's Thursday now and still very light bleeding that comes and goes, anyone had this? My mind is going crazy 😫 

  • imagethis is from last Friday  Saturday and Sunday, all got two lines but.... I'm bleeding today like period as it should be by my calendar! I'm not sure what to do now and is this normal or should I be worried? 

  • Sounds like a chemical pregnancy Hun where your egg was fertilised but hasn’t implanted so your periods begun. Sorry Hun xxx

  • I was so sure I'm pregnant because of all these symptoms, I had all of them for past 3 weeks and now this, just so gutted as we both were so happy! Got doctor appointment on Monday aswell so we'll see as I don't expect any good news! 

  • Mazz123 I definitely see it! Congrats!

  • I'm just worried because I started bleeding today, I guess I always assumed that your period stops when you get pregnant so now I'm left all confused, with my first boy it stopped straight away and never had any bleeding during pregnancy

  • Lk123 hope all goes well with your doctors appointment. Sending prayers your way. I've been feeling a little off this month, had my cycle for 20 days straight!! That's never happened before?!?! Have a dr appointment today to see what's going on with me. Took a FR test and saw a faint line? Let me know if you can see it? I feel like I'm going nuts over here. 😨image

  • KmCastil,  it's very faint but I can see it so congrats to you, keep us posted how it goes for you 

    I guess me and my partner just got  too excited, he was absolutely over the moon and today has been the worst, but we keep our hopes up and just wait till Monday, if doctor confirms we lost it this time we'll try again anyway as that's something we want together! 

    Thank You for your support x 

  • Lk123 thanks. Are you just spotting or bleeding heavily? 

  • Kmcastil it started as dark brown discharge last night and when I woke up this morning it was pretty heavy for a few hours but has slow down since and just looks like my normal period, I've got no pain whatsoever, just feeling my pregnancy symptoms- mostly sickness and my breasts are defo bigger 

  • Lk123 I would definitely say your still pregnant. I've gone through that before with my now 3 yr old daughter. I was scared to death as I had a miscarriage prior to her. But went to the dr and they did an ultrasound and everything was fine. They said it could have been a either implantation bleeding or a blood pocket that was between the uterus and placenta that dislodged. Jopeing this is the case for you too. Please keep me updated on your progress.

  • Lk123 this cycle I started with brown discharge for about 5 days and then just when I thought i stopped i started bleeding heavy with lots of clots. Like i said i was on my cycle for 20 days. My sister-in-law is convinced that I am pregnant but even with the faint positive I'm not so sure.

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