Weird situtation, took HPT this morning, looks like Very faint positive? Not sure!

I've been on the Nexplanon implant, the one that is in your arm, for almost 2.5 years. It is advertised to last to 3 years, though there are some cases where it stops working early and is recommended to replace it 6-12 months before the 3 year point. 
I went to get it switched out a month ago but the doctor said to not get replaced till the 3 year mark and for me not to worry, that I won't get pregnant. 
From October 2015- January 2016, I was non stop bleeding. I maybe only stopped bleeding for a handful of days during those months. So I felt like it had stopped working but trusted the doctor that it was still working. 
I stopped bleeding on January 27, 2016- January 31, 2016. & during that time I did have unprotected sex..multiple times. & felt like I was ovulating. Note: I am Very fertile!! 
A couple days later I got a UTI, which I NEVER get those. So I found that strange & I bleed heavily for 2 days then the UTI was gone & the bleeding completely stopped! 
I have not bleed since. 
It's been 3ish weeks now. 
I've had a lot of strange symptoms: Acne breakout(haven't had in years), a lot of egg white like discharge, bad mood swings, headache/migraines, gas, hungry twice as often as normal(which has caused me to gain a couple pounds), fatigue. And weird things like vivid dreams all of a sudden & I'm getting tipsy/nauseous off small amounts of alcohol..I can normally have a few drinks & be fine, now one drink in & it makes me feel sick. 
None of these symptoms are normal for me.

I wasn't sure when to take a test. So this morning I decided to take a HPT and it looks like a Very faint positive.. but I just want to see if any one else sees it or if I'm just totally imagining it.

Is it positive?



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