Pregnancy vitamins?!

looking for some thoughts and opinions here! 

im currently 10 weeks pregnant and have been taking seven seas pregnancy vitamins since I found out at about 4 weeks pg. However they're huge and I'm struggling to swallow them! 

I was managing ok but my sickness is getting worse by the day and now even the thought of trying to swallow a tablet that big makes me gag! 

are all pregnancy vitamins that big or are there some more reasonably sized ones I could get?!

I have got some just folic acid tablets that are small but wanted the multivitamins. 

If I swap to just folic acid for now until sickness gets better will baby still be ok?! 



  • A lot of the multivitamin tablets are large capsules but you can get pill cutters/crushers & take them that way...

  • I don't know about you but pregnacare are big too.. I've took meds in the past that are bigger so for me I manage them no problem.. 

    Why not try coating them in something so they go down easier?? Good luck x

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