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Morning Sickness and signed off work


this is my first time on here and I am not sure what I am doing lol however I am looking for some advice/reassurance :(

i work full time as a healthcare assistant for the NHS however we have been trying for a baby for 6 months and were so happy to conceive following a previous miscarrage. From 4 weeks pregnant I began suffering horrendous morning sickness and had to take a week off work. I was prescribed Cyclizine but this did not help me at all and has since been changed. The new meds help in a sense that I can eat and drink although this then leads to nausea throughout the night. In the Mornings I am bed bound I wake early and I am so violently sick and unwell I am in tears most mornings. 

I have now been signed off work for around 7 weeks although my doctor is very unsupportive. I am trying to go back on Monday for a night shift and I have asked for reduced hours but I am so concerned that people will be gossiping about me.

There have been several pregnant women recently and all seem to have the "perfect" pregnancy and requires no time off. I feel like people think I'm being dramatic and I am so anxious it's worrying me. I cannot afford to quit but I just don't know how I'm going to cope back at work. I can't look at anything without being/feeling sick.

i was scanned early at 6 weeks and all was well but I am so worried all the time about work that I am anxious this is affecting the baby. 

My doctor has only seen me once and I don't think he believes me when I say how bad I feel. My manager was initially supportive however this does not appear to be the case now. They are wanting to visit me at home (which I do not want) and are not being helpful anymore in regards to trying to return.

Has as anyone else taken so long off work so early? 

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