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when can you take a test

I had the implant out in January was carefull till around March then started trying up until about start of June i was just taking as I found it nothing to worry about just thought it will happen when it happens but now im getting a little impatient.  I got caught with my daughter (now 3) very quickly in fact after about 2 weeks of trying but was on the pill at the time.

im 7 days from getting my period and wondered when you can take tests.  I did stupidly do one this morning but it was negative so dont know if this is becuase im not or because its to early. 

it did take till March for my periods to come back but since then they have been 31 days very heavy and i get ovulation pains and changes in my body when im ovulating so im presuming nothing wrong, but you never know!!

guess i thought it would of happened by now.image


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