Hi. Im 21 and about 9 weeks pregnant. This is my first pregnancy. I am showing (could be bloated/wind etc) but it's really hard and always there (Family and friends are noticing). I can't keep anything down. I spend most of my time hovered over a bowl or the toilet. Thinking of food makes me want to be sick especially all the foods I loved.. I can't eat decent meals but I constantly eat and I'm still hungry. There is no cure aha. I never have a decent night sleep not once have I slept the whole night through and IM HUNGRY when I wake!! Has anyone else been like this. Was there any cure. If so I would love to know your story.


  • Hi x-Katie-x - and congratulations!

    Sorry to hear you're feeling so sick and sleepless. We're sure someone else will be along in a minute with some great advice but it may help to know that it was EXACTLY the same for me in all three of my pregnancies and I found sucking those Polo peppermints sweets a real lifesaver. They didn't make me heave, like most other things did, and the sugar definitely helped!

    Hope you start to feel better very soon.

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