In a quandry!!

Hi Ladies.

Had to go to hospital on saturday I was 40+4 with sore and swollen lady bits (sos if tmi) and because baby had moved 3 times in about 16 hours. They put me on the CTG machine and monitored his movements, heartrate etc and everything was perfectly fine! The DR then came in and done an internal and checked me to see how I was. My cervix was soft, 1cm dilated, 50 % effaced and short (sos again if tmi) He tried to a sweep and said he could if i wanted but I said no because I was in so much pain from the swollen and sore 'bits'. He said natural labour was unlikely for sunday or monday but he expects me to go into labour naturally between tuesday and saturday.Which is good!! Because I really want to avoid an induction, as I had one with my 1st LO and it was horrible ended up spending 4 1/2 days in hospital and 3 days with labour starting and stopping and getting post natal depression from it image He said he could see no reason as to why I was swollen. He checked for infections, thrush, allergic reactions etc and found nothing! since midnight last night I haven't felt him move at all image and my bits are now even more sore and swollen although they did go done a bit yesterday!!

My OH wants me to phone delivery which is O.K but seeing as I'm now 40+6 and this is the 2nd time this has happened in just 2 days I'm worried that they'll want to keep me in and induce me?

I know I need to put baby first, and I will. Just unsure of what to do!!



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  • oh i dont know what to say, but i hope everything is alrite. could you possibly phone your midwife at your surgery so she can then check your lo? that way if everything is ok then you wont have to go to hospital. better to ring them to be on the safe side though xx
  • I think you should get checked out!

    Dont think that because induction was bad last time it will be this time - if you are induced. My mum had an awful birth with me but when she was induced with my sister she had her after an hour and a half. Your body will know what to do now so it could be a lot more straight forward than last time.
  • aw i think u should go back to hospital, they wouldnt want to induce u unless they thought their was a good reason hun. Good Luck and keep us updated!

    Steph 39+1 xx
  • if little ones not moving babe i would defo call them, i had to call in to day for the same reason, i always feel like im being silly calling them but id reather be safe than sorry x
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