Hi guys

Has anyone found a site or info that tells you specific strength training exercises that you can do in the third trimester. I want to keep exercising but all I can find is very general info and nothing specific. Im also trying to find out if its ok to keep running and if so how often and at what max HR. Any suggestions would be great



  • I was a very keen runner before pregnacy but have been unable to combat exhaustion enough to want to go out since about 8 weeks. So well done if you have managed to keep anything up!
    Running is not recommended as you get into third trimester as its very bad for your pelvic floor (all that pounding). I know it is difficult to find info but your doctor should be able to answer questions and yoga/swimming will always be recommended.
    Beyond that can't help much as my exercise now involves stretching for the remote control or another chocolate!!
  • Hi, when I was ttc and nosing around the various sites, I found one called 'BabyFit'. It seemed to be full of advice on exercise for various stages and levels etc as well as healthy eating. I didnt make a note of the web address sorry, but Im sure if you google babyfit you will find it. If I remember rightly you can sign up for emails too. xx


  • I'd joined the gym the week before i found out i was pregnant - I actually did a test that day just to make sure, which was negative, with a positive 7 days later. lol!!!

    anyway, I was really looking forward to getting into a routine and had enjoyed the few sessions i ha done and wanted to keep it up. i met with one of the fitness trainers at the gym, who was really helpful and has built a program for me. its fairly basic but i feel great doing it this [ast week. i use a treadmill for 15 minutes, cycle for 10 mins and do various resistence exercises, which build the core (abs/stomach) muscles and will supposedly make carrying baby easier as there is more support in the tummy and back muscles, which should also make it easier to get back in shape after baby is born. simple things likesquats whilst 'pulling' your belly button in!!! very comical watching myself in the mirror with that one. HOWEVER.... He (chap at gym) has told me to only do what i feel comfortable with and what i can manage and that as i progress to second and third trimesters, the program will alter varying exercises and resistence.

    I also got to work onmy bingo wings!! lol.

    so... all in all, the stage of your pregnancy and the amount of exercise you have previously done, determines what and how much you do now. After all that, it prob would be best to consult someone at your gym if you are a member or have a chat with your Midwife.

    Glad i got that all out...sorry for going on

    Lisa xx
  • Cheers for the info guys.

    Ive found the Baby Fit site and thats got some good stuff, so thanks for that. As for my midwife, she wouldnt know exercise if it smacked her on the ass. Ive seriously lucked out on the midwife front, shes afull. When I brought this up with her she just hummed and hawed and couldnt advise me either way. She told me to make sure I kept active but as for safe HRs, intensity or frequency she said she didnt know, which amazed me.

    It is a struggle to keep up with the exercise, but with the amount Im eating Ive got to do something. Although the remote and another pack of smarties sounds much better...
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