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Hi, I am 7 weeks pregnant and literally from the day I found out I was pregnant (28 days) I have had small bleeds every now and then, I went for early pregnancy scan last Monday and was told everything was fine then a week later started bleeding again. They say they cannot see why but naturally I am worried. I don't have any tummy pains and just wondered if this happens to anyone else??? Thanks xx

PS this is my second baby, my first is 10 months, do you think the gap could have anything to do with it?


  • i had the same thing and still am , i am 18 weeks now its worrying but keep your chin up x;\)
  • hi in my pregnancy i had bleeds on and off from 10 weeks but because im rhesus negative i had to have an anti d injection each time. the doctors could not find nothing wrong each time and said it was just one of those things. my son was born perfectly healthy. Dont worry about it i know its hard but some women it just happens to but i know wot your going through. hope i helped x
  • I had implantation bleed until 8 or 9 weeks, i was told not to worry unless it got heavy, clotted or painful. difficult not to worry but chin up! xc
  • im 8+2 and from seven weeks i have been bleeding on and off, had a scan and everything was fine still worry tons though!!!!!! doctor says its a waiting game to see how things go and to try not too worry, how hard is that!!!!!
  • A freind of mine had the same thing from the beginning til about 15 weeks. Her first was only 7 months when she fell pregnant and hadn't even realised she was pregnant to start with as she was bleeding. All the early scans were fine and she's now 22 weeks with a healthy baby growing inside. She was really worried as she had had 4 miscarriages before her first was born.

    Sometimes its just the way your hormones work and your body adjusting. Try not to worry although I know easier said than done.
  • Hi,

    I am 5+4 weeks and I had some spotting this weekend from Friday night to Sunday night. I was really worried like you on Sunday so went to the walk in centre and saw a doctor who said it was unlikely I was miscarrying as it was brown blood and had only had a couple of twinges (which is normal for me.) It appears to have stopped this morning so I am just keeping my fingers crossed that that's it now.

    It's sooooo hard not to worry but I guess we can't do anything about it so the best thing is to relax.

    Best of luck to you!

    Chloe xx
  • Hi, I've had bleeding right through my pregnancy and I'm now 17 weeks gone. I've had five scans to check on baby and each time it has been fine. I've had swabs to see if the bleeding could be related to an infection I might have but I'm still waiting for the results. I'm currently off work for two weeks as my doctor has signed me off just to be careful. Try not to worry sometimes these things just happen (which doesn't really help you I know) and try to stay positive. I'll be thinking about you. x
  • Hi,

    Thank you for all your replies it is nice to know I am not alone. Still bleeding - it got worse - so had another early pregnancy scan yesterday and the baby looks fine, no blood coming from him/her thank god! They still can't see where it is coming from... Now 8 weeks and 3 days think I will feel better when I get nearer to 12 weeks!

    Take care and I hope you all have lovely Christmas xxx
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