sciatica!?! ouch!!!

Hey girls, am 5wks pg with my 3rd baby! With my 1st suffered from sciatica in the last few wks...with my 2nd it started at getting slightly concerned though as my back has started already and not sure if i could go through that pain again!!! I would prefer to give birth 10 times over than suffer from it again, i ge it really bad and had many occasions in my 2nd pg where i was literally crippled on the floor crying and unable to get up!!! I was given the belt last time which did nothing, was wondering if anyone has or is suffering with it and know any effective things to combat it. This time round ive got 2 kiddies who need dropping off to school, clubs etc so really dont want to be struck down with it!!!! kim xxxxxx


  • I had a bit of it but I was working in a job when I was standing all day...It was a temp job and I'm not working now :cry: Is sciatica when it's agony getting up from lying down, like a shooting pain? If so then it's horrible and I sympathise! I'm not sure there's much you can do except take paracetamol when it's really bad, you might be able to use those heat patches but I'm not sure they help.
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  • Im defo guna look into that hun, i know its silly, but the pain of it is horrendus isnt it and i dont fancy 9 months of that it would be unbearable!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx
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