do you talk to your bump?

hi girls

just wondering who talks to their bump and what about?

i have just cleaned the house from top to bottom (very pleased with myself! image) and found myself in the bathroom telling bump dad will be back tomorrow and messing the place up again! we are sitting here now listning to old madonna songs! think she likes it :lol:


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  • I try to but I feel stupid doing it! I sometimes play music to it and sometimes when I'm poking and prodding it trying to make it move I tell it to wriggle for me, but it just ignores me anyway! My husband talks to it though.
  • Me and my 4 year old step son chat away to bump most of the day. I kinda feel stupid sometimes but try and encourage SS so he gets used to baby when it is here.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • I talk to my baby. I tell it stuff like 'oh daddy is on his way home for work' or usually I grumble at the baby telling it that its dadddy is late again and that his tea will be cold! I'm sure baby will be born thinking its mum is loopy. LOL.

  • sometimes I do normally when I'm bored and want him to move or if he kicks hard I tell him to stop! lol my hubby will often give baby/bump a kiss goodnight and have a little chat with it before we go to sleep. I think its so cute image
  • I do but it only tends to be in the evening if oh is working late. The rest of the time either Millie or oh is demanding attention so I don't get chance!
  • oh my days, im quite a forthright bolshy kind of bitch sometimes and i keep getting caught talking tomy bump in a sharon osborne tone of voice how she used to talk to her her wickle puppy doggys. shoot me, shoot me now! i swear if i ever hear myself say oooh look at the woof woof or hear comes a brum brum i may cry!!!! cringe!
  • hi i find myself asking silly questions like what have you been doing in there today?and when are you going to start kicking me? and then i just moan about the day i've just had, my fella just whispers to my bump so quitely that i'm sure she won't even be aware he's there but he says he doesn't want to scare her, the silly sausage!
  • when i was pregnant with millie i use to play her eva cassidy- songbird to her thru my i pod lol i use to put the ear phone on my bump, if she was kicking me really bad the song use to stop her, she is now 11 months but when she was born and she use to get upset i played it and it would settle her,x
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