why isnt anyone replying to me ??


  • Well I'm not meaning to be unhelpful but I haven't got skin tags, I don't really find sex uncomfortable, no idea what the buzzy feeling in your stomach is and I wouldn't know if I was dilated or not - so the loose feeling you describe is lost on me. Sorry!

    If your worried and it sounds like you are have you tried your mw?
  • Never experienced any of your problems therefore cant really comment!!

    If you're concerned phone hospital, midwife or delivery suite?


  • Hi,

    i dont know about others on here but i only tend to reply to topics that i can offer advice on or i can sympathise with.

    it may just be that the ladies that are on here today cant offer you much advice on the topics that you have posted on but that doesnt mean to say that we are ignoring you, so please dont think that.

    there are a lot of topics that dont get replied or sometimes it takes overnight or a few days to get a reply, it just depends on if someone is going through the same things as you. you aslo tend to find there are a lot more people on in the evening so you will get more replys than.

    please dont be disheartened, if we can offer you advice then we will do!!!

    Nina xx

    ps welcome to the forum!
  • hello and welcome to the forum image
    im sure if i or the other girls had an answer to your question then thay would have posted, they wont be ignoring you they just simply dont have an answer for your question. if it is something that your worried about then please contact your midwife xx
  • thanks i feel worried now none of you have a clue about the things im gettin are how scary lol & i am close with my midwife but dont want to sound needy and asking loads of questions if you know what i mean and im not really, really worried about any off them i was just curious to see if anyone else is going through the same. thanks anyway you all seem really freindly :\) so thnks x
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