Is this normal? Advice pls...


I am only 5 weeks pregnant. Tested positive in last couple days. For last two days I have had very mild pelvic pain/discomfort. Very similar to the feeling you have just before your period is about to come. Its not cramping, more like a consistent low level dull ache.

Did anyone else have this in the first stages of pregnancy?

Please help to put my mind at rest....

Thanks x


  • from one mrs_e to another!
    congrats on pregnancy - I'm just over 8 weeks pregnant.
    just before i got my positive i had similar pains and was convinced period was coming. i'm getting odd twinges every now and then, my midwife told me they are normal - it's everything stretching down there.
    if you have any blood though make sure you get it checked out.

  • Its completely normal hun, I paniced loads at first because I kept getting pains....I had backpain early on as well which is meant to be a bad sign. But no they're completely normal, its just like Mrs_e said, everythings stretching.
    Congrats on the pregnancy;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • Thanks for the replies. It has eased off a bit now. Just a few twinges coming and going.

    Best wishes to you both! x
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