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am i just worrying myself?

hey lovely ladies,
ok the last MW appointment i had there was a trace of protein in my urine - which she didn't seem worried about at all and hasn't worried me until the last couple of days. since sunday i have had a terrible headache that only seems to get mildly better when i take paracetamol, i've been feeling really faint - like when your drunk and your head spins -feels like that, and also my feet and ankles have been so puffy. I've also been feeling quite nauseous at times. baby's moving ok but i googled pre-eclampsia this morning and quite a lot of what i'm feeling seems to be listed on the sites as symptoms. last time my blood pressure was checked it was 100/60 which is higher than it has been throughout the whole pregnancy and it's just got me a bit worried.
i'm seeing doc this morning at 9.50 but just wondering if i'm worrying for no reason or if i'm scaring myself when i shouldn't be worried at all.
any help would be appreciated!
lau 33+3 xxxx


  • It's good that you are seeing your GP. but try not to worry. Your blood pressure is spot on. and it is only a little bit of protein, Puffyness and headaches are both normal in late pregnancy (to a point) unless they get really really bad.

    I had all of the things you mentioned, (with a perfect BP - just like yours) and my MW said to only worry if things got a lot worse (if the headache got so bad that I couldn't cope with it, or if the puffyness got so bad that my shoes wouldn't fit).

    Also - your BP should rise at this stage - 100/60 is perfect.

    Good luck hun. Let us know how you get on.
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