Can you ask to be induced?

Hi Everyone,

I feel bad asking this but can you ask to be induced, i'm 38weeks tomorrow and baby still has not engaged, keep thinking she may of as bump was low but just been checked and no she hasnt. Anyway the main reason i'm asking is shes just under my ribs and i'm struggling to breath, i can't take dep breaths as it hurts and theres no space. My ribs are also very bruised cause of her position. I know its really selfish but i just can't take the stuggle with my breathing much longer. thanks xxx


  • is baby breech or just not engaged? i'm sure they'd definately not induce you at 38 weeks if baby is breech...have you spoken to them about not being able to breathe? i dont think they would induce you as baby could started to engage any day now and then the problem would be solved but i guess it depends on how bad you're feeling, sorry can't be much help lol x

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