when will I know?

Hi all. I know that I will be having a c-section in May with this pregnancy. I had my 20 wk scan yesterday so now as this is my last scan and i'm seeing my consultant this thursday will he be giving me the exact day for the c-section?
As i'm only 21 wk is it too early?
Anyone has any ideas? :\?

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  • you should ask in the labour / birth story section. they have been through labour - c-section etc and since your not getting much replys here it might help more there.

    good luck anyway and let us know how it goes.
  • hi,
    I am going for my 32 week apt at the hospital tomorrow. I am keeping my fingers crossed they will tell me. what time is your apt? mine is at 2.20
  • I dont know for definate but I am having a section in June and have been told that my particular consultant wont do them til I am 39 wks so will be having mine on 17th June. I did have one with my 6 yr old at 38 wks! You could use this as a rough guide til you do find out a definate date.
    Hope it helps a bit, Love Lee xxxxx
  • Hi thanks to all your replies. Dottie-pottie my appnt is at 2 pm
  • I've got to go back to see consultant at end of Feb when I'll be 36 weeks and they'll give me a date then. Am really, really hoping they'll do it at 38 weeks cos I'm huge and uncomfortable already and am only 32 weeks now!!
  • Hi all. I went yesterday to see my consultant and hetold me the datefor the c-section even without me asking it. my date is now booked for the 26th of May. So now i can get things organised (or at least try, things never go to plan). thanks all.
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