Superdrug pregnancy test help!

I was just wondering after reading up about these pregnancy tests! If you test up to 4 days early as it states on the packet wouldyour BFP line be lighter in colour than if you tested after your period was due? Xxx


  • Hi Becky,

    Yes thats correct, as your hormone level increases, the line gets darker. I got my BFP at 11DPO on a superdrug own brand and the line was very faint. I did one 2 days later and it was darker.

    Lisa xx
  • Not alwatys, different batches/brands may have different amounts of dye, However, Superdrug are very sensitive, about 15miu i think xxxx
  • Just wanted to gatecrash and say I got a negative on a Superdrug OB on my period DD then a faint positive 5 days later. I didnt think i was preg as it said it could detect preg hormone 4 days early but only took another when a friend suggested it and good job i did!
  • Hi,

    I used Amazon cheapies (so I didn't mind obsessively using them as they cost about ??5 for 30) and they did get darker. I tested at 10dpo and had a faint, but clear line and after that they got darker. I think if you use the same brand they should have the same amount of dye in them, but different brands may use different strengths of dye so the lines may appear lighter or darker
  • I just done a test and it came back negative but I've had a fair amount of symtoms and I'm not due on till end of next week. Should I wait another week to do another one?

  • imageI ended up with this result this morning, I've had all the symptoms (nausea, bloating, hip pain, frequent urination, sore breasts, adversion to foods and been extremely tired) this was a super drug test the £4.87 one.

  • I got exactly the same result and I've done 2 just to make sure the first wasn't a dud. I've done many pregnancy tests before but never got this result it was always just a negative. But when I did it the second time it was darker.


  • I know this is ages ago but I've had tests like this and wondered what they meant. Were they invalid or bfp?

  • The result I got was the same for weeks. Got negative at the doctors. At 8 weeks along I miscarried after a blood test which got done 3 times(first 2 negative last one positive).

  • I've just done a test like this and mine come up like this what does it mean please ladies xximage

  • Hello i know this is an old thread but i just got this on a test any opinions please?image

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