Am I cutting it fine

Hey Girls

Im 36 weeks pregnant today!! Where has the time gone!!!! I still dont have my cot and moses basket, getting that tomorrow, I've still to sort my Labour bag and the babys bag and set the room up, am I cutting it fine!! I keep writing lists of all the things I still need and keep thinkin that next week it will only be 3 weeks till the LO is here, god I cant stop pnaicking!!



  • I would say - GET A MOVE ON HUN!!!!!!!!!! image

    This is only coz there have been soooooooooooooo many early bub's in the last cpl wks!!!!! If nothing else, definitely make a start on those hosp bags as things like cot & moses basket can be done properly in a day or so - if u suddenly go into labour hun, ur not gonna want to be rushing around looking for things to put in the bags.

  • Hi Linz- I think you have left it a bit longer than most but so what as long as you go shopping and babe gives you a few more sorting out days!! Some people have specific ideas about what they want but if you are flexible you can get all you need in 1 trip, it'll be fresh and bang up to date and hopefully you can get a few deals if you get several things from the same shop.
    Good Luck xx
  • I now what i'm like i'll be just the same !!xx :\);\)
  • Thanks Girlies!!

    I know I have seen all those early babys arriving and that made me think S**T I can go any time!! I've sorted babys bag just there, Ive just to get nightdresses, joggiing bottoms and other little bits for mine, I have my toiletries and towels etc..............Im nearly there!!

    Lyns xx
  • well babe im 37+3 weeks today and i still dont have my pram yet ( not my fault, person i was buying one of messed us about so need to order another one) i spend all my time freaking out about it and think i will intill it arives x
  • I'm 39+4 (wheres that time gone?!) and all ready but even yesterday when I had to go in cause I thought my waters had gone (hadn't wet myself either!!) I was still panicking cause there are a few bits I need to pick up this week. I don't think we are ever truely prepared is what I learnt from our little trip yesterday afternoon image
  • This forum is a savour girls because It gives me the kick up the backside I need!!

    It's great seeing how others are with their organising etc!!

    Something that REALLY gets to me is when I say to the OH I need to get this done PRONTO he will say whats the rush we have 4 weeks left im like ARRRRRRRRRRGH!! F*cking men!! lol Sorry had to get that off my chest lol

    Lyns xx
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