Things people say!

One of the parents of a child I teach asked me today if I was pregnant. I said yes and he said oh, I had noticed you had been putting on weight but I just thought you were getting fat! He really meant it too and had been telling his little boy to stop lying when he said I was having a baby. I wouldn't mind except I look pregnant with this ball stuck to my front and am well over 6 months gone now!


  • How rude, sounds like a total a**hole to me. People do feel like they have the devine right to comment about u wen ur pregnant, and its really annoying wen complete strangers start passing comments. If it wasnt so unprofessional 4 u to do so i wud have told him to get f*cked, ha ha ha. Kerry xxx

  • How rude...some people have absolutely no manners whatsoever!! I just don't understand why some people think they have the right to say anything like that!!
    Were u able to say anything back? Think i'd of been a bit shocked to think of anything quickly!
    Sarah xx
  • Oh dear sounds like a typical male compliment albeit a back handed one!!! What a charmer..... :roll: I wouldn't worry - people's comments are sooo silly. One minute they go on about how big you are, the next they say you're small - can't win! xxx

  • I would have replied in a very 'pleasant' way but obviosuly I don't want to end up being 'unproffesional'!!! I just smiled and said yes it was a baby and that I hadn't been tucking into the doughnuts! Thing is this bloke is rather large himself!

  • well done you idve yelled or possibly cried lolxxx
  • Oh hun it dosnt stop there either! My lo is chubby and is so cute with it but her uncle by marriage is always coming in and calling her fatty and porky etc. One day he came in and she was just in her nappy and he said "look at the boobs on her!!!" I just turned around infront of everyone and said "well when her boobs are as big as your i will get worried!" Bastard! People are so bloody ignorant and rude, pass no remarks hun, i bet your bump is beautiful! Men are arseholes! x
  • Why is it always the fat guys who pass comment on a woman's size?? it seems men can eat all the pies and get away with it! xxx
  • That is so rude and I agree, it's always fat men who pass the rudest comments.

    I'm still in my first trimester and haven't really had any comments yet but yesterday I popped down to the little shop we have at work to get a bag of crisps and the woman serving asked me how I was feeling and if I'm getting fat yet, she then looked at my stomach and said, yep... you sure are! Yeah cheers for that!

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